Tyler Grey SEAL Team: Tyler Grey, what happened to your arm?


Tyler Grey SEAL Team: Tyler Grey, what happened to your arm?

TYLER GREY is a member of the SEAL Team cast, but what happened to his arm?

Tyler Grey has played Trent Sawyer, a member of the SEAL Team’s Special Warfare Operator First Class of Bravo Team, since the show’s inception. He’ll return for the next CBS series, which premieres in October. Grey is now an actor, but this wasn’t always the case, since he has a past that lends itself to the military drama.

Grey served in the US Army as a 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta Operator before becoming an actor.

He entered the army in 1998 and worked as a sharpshooter for the duration of his tenure.

Grey was a sniper-trained Army Ranger who served in the 2nd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

But all changed in 2005, when he was forced to quit the service permanently due to an incident.

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Tyler Grey (@tyleragrey) shared a post.

When he was medically discharged from the military 16 years ago, Grey was compelled to leave the service.

During a mission in Iraq, he was seriously injured by an improvised explosive device.

This is why Grey’s right arm in SEAL Team is deformed and visible whenever Trent wears a short-sleeve shirt.

He had previously shared photos of himself with his fans following the incident.

Tyler Grey (@tyleragrey) shared a post.

Grey shared a photo of himself in the hospital receiving therapy for his arm in October of last year.

Grey smiles at the camera and gives a thumbs up in the shot, but he admits he wasn’t always happy looking back at it.

“Came upon this old picture, ah wonderful times,” Grey wrote. I recall this photograph troubling me about 7-8 years ago.

“I’m giving the thumbs up as if the difficult portion had already ended when it hadn’t.

“In retrospect, it was the start of a lengthy era of transformation and progress for myself, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.

“Now, giving a thumbs up at the bottom of a mountain you’re about to climb doesn’t bother me at all.”

As he closes, he’s exasperated in a clever way. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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