Two weeks after dating, a woman gives her Tinder match a 17-page “relationship contract.”


Navigating the cesspool that is online dating can be a nerve-wracking experience that leaves everyone even more distrustful than they were before of pursuing a romantic relationship with another human being. No wonder more folks are opting to have sex with their smartphone cameras than actual people these days.

It can become especially tiresome and hopeless after you’ve been going on date after date until you finally find someone that piques your interest and makes your heart race a little bit every time you’re around them.

Then, they go and gum up the works by doing something you consider a huge relationship no-no, like being really into Ed Sheeran or refusing to hit the dance floor at weddings.

If only there was a way to ensure that the person you’re interested in doesn’t waste your time by hitting you with a significant other-bombshell down the road.

Sure, nothing like that would matter if you actually loved the person and weren’t just looking for a great settlement, but it’s 2021 and real love is dead, so stuff like this is understandably very important to people.

This is why Annie Wright is ahead of the game.

Maybe she drew inspiration from Larry David’s Sexual-Relationship NDA, or perhaps she was simply trying to be funny, but Annie thought it’d be a great idea to send a guy she matched with, Michael Head, a subsequently started dating on Tinder for two weeks a relationship contract. A seventeen page one.

Seriously, you can check out her entire video presentation on TikTok where yes, she’s wearing business casual attire. In the clip, Annie hits at the reasoning for her “draft” of the contract.

Ok but is there consideration??1?1

“I made the idea as a joke, then he said, ‘No, seriously. We can do that and talk about it.’ So the grand contract was drafted and in it, there were four main clauses, with their own sub-clauses and addendums that guided the spirit of the agreement: awareness of a partner’s needs, aligning intentions in a clear manner, communication, and honesty.

Like most business contracts, there’s probably a lot of redundancy.

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Annie told the New York Post that she met Michael after exiting a reportedly “toxic relationship” which may have been the impetus for her to think about future partnerships more closely. She said she was “determined” to ensure that her go with Michael… Brinkwire short summary.


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