Two new page-turning blockbusters will help you beat the lockdown blues.


Two new page-turning blockbusters will help you beat the lockdown blues.

Choose a page-turner from the list below for your next book…

Victoria Hislop is a British actress.

£14.99 for the Headline Review

The much awaited sequel to Victoria Hislop’s 2006 hit The Island is set in August 1957, with the plot commencing when a treatment for leprosy is finally discovered. The leper colony on Spinalonga island, off the coast of Plaka in Crete, has closed, and the residents are returning to their homes around Greece.

In Plaka, a large celebration is planned, and many former leprosy sufferers are being welcomed home, despite the shame still attached to the disease. Maria is one of them. However, Maria’s sister Anna deceived her while she was in the colony, and she now fears that Maria’s return will reveal her secrets.

A moment of violence devastates the hamlet as a result of that betrayal on the night of the celebration.

Maria’s former fiancé, Manolis, is devastated and quits the village for the mainland. As he begins a new life away from his family and friends, he meets people who become more like family to him than his blood kin. Anna, Maria, and the inhabitants of Plaka, on the other hand, are never far from his mind. Is he ever going to be able to return to the place he considers home?

It is not necessary to have read The Island in order to enjoy One August Night, although it might enhance the experience.

Hislop, below left, expertly portrays the warmth of Greece and its people, delving into the long and complicated history of a fascinating country while spinning a family saga that her fans will devour, by juxtaposing the sleepy small island atmosphere with the hustle and bustle of the mainland cities.

The reader will be enchanted by this well crafted novel.

Boyd, Hilary

£7.99, Penguin

Romy and Michael have been married for 30 years and are still going strong. Michael is a successful, hardworking barrister, and Romy has been by his side since the beginning, from their dingy first flat to money, a luxurious home, and two wonderful sons.

Romy then receives an anonymous letter that begins, “I simply thought you should know who you’re married to…” Their lives are turned upside down by the information contained in the letter.

Romy is forced to make difficult, life-altering decisions and flees to their country cottage. She gradually starts to make a new life for herself, and she is drawn to Finch, a nice local widower.

When Romy receives the package. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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