Two holiday movie veterans appear in Lifetime’s “You Make It Feel Like Christmas.”


Two holiday movie veterans star in Lifetime’s ‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas.’

Gwen Stefani’s album title, You Make It Feel Like Christmas, is no longer just a title.

The same-named holiday rom-com is now airing on Lifetime, and it premieres tonight, Saturday, Nov.

At 8:00 p.m. on the 20th.

Lifetime’s ET.

We’ve got the scoop on where You Make It Feel Like Christmas was shot, who’s in the cast, and what the movie’s about!

To begin, actress Mary Antonini portrays a designer who reconnects with loved ones — and herself — during the holidays.

“I think that’s what I’d like people to take away from it, that every year at Christmas, we can look back and say, ‘Oh, look how far I’ve come.'”

In a new interview with iHollywoodTV, Mary says, ‘Look how I’ve changed.’

Mary Antonini and Michael Xavier with Lisa France, the director

“Emma (Mary Antonini) is a talented designer who finds herself too busy to return home for the holidays after her work catches the eye of design guru Kate Marguiles (Stephanie Sy), much to her father Tom’s (Alex Poch-Goldin) dismay,” according to the Lifetime synopsis.

When her ex-boyfriend and childhood best friend Aaron (Michael Xavier) returns home from active military duty, he makes it his mission to bring her home for their Christmas traditions.”

Emma is celebrating her first Christmas without her mother, who died the year before, and she’s navigating tension with her father, who was on active duty for much of her childhood, Mary tells iHollywoodTV.

“Emma discovers her creativity,” explains the actress.

“She’s reminded of aspects of herself she’d forgotten about.”

She discovers newness in her relationships with her father, Aaron, and herself.”

Mary has previously appeared in the television films Holiday Heart and On the 12th Date of Christmas.

Michael Xavier, her co-star, has a long list of Christmas films under his belt, including Radio Christmas, Christmas on Wheels, Christmas Comes Twice, A Christmas Treasure, and Letters to Satan Claus.

(That was Satan Claus, a Syfy horror comedy.)

Michael can also be seen in the TV shows Rookie Blue, Kim’s Convenience, Northern Rescue, and The Expanse, among others.

In Syfy’s fantasy series Bitten, he played Logan Jonsen.

In You Make It Feel…, I’ll be joining that duo.

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