‘Two different ways’ to water orchids – ‘just an egg cup!’ says an orchid care expert.


The ‘two different ways’ to water orchids – ‘just an egg cup!’ says an orchid care expert.

A HOUSEPLANT CARE EXPERT has revealed the “two different ways” orchid owners can water their plants.

The use of an “eggcup” is one of the methods.

Orchids are delicate plants that need precise conditions to thrive.

Despite its popularity, some plant owners have difficulty adhering to the orchid’s watering schedule due to its unique potting medium.

Orchids, unlike other plants, are very free-draining and dislike sitting in water or being overwatered.

For inexperienced houseplant owners, this can be a problem.

Fortunately, Simon Richards of Mandamp;S Flower has shared “two different techniques” for watering orchids.

Simon demonstrated how to get the “best” results from orchid plants in a video for Mandamp;S.

He began by explaining why orchid potting media differs from that of other plants.

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“Composts, or orchid bark as it’s also known, are nothing more than pieces of wooden bark,” he explained.

“It mimics the very free-draining environment in which orchids grow in the wild.”

“When it comes to watering them, there are two ways to do it.”

Orchid owners can water their plants “little and often” or “once a fortnight,” according to Simon.

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“If you want to do it little and often, all you have to do is drop an egg cup full of water straight into the center of the container once a week,” he explained.

“This is something I’d rather do.”

I’ll take the orchid out of the container every two weeks or so, place it in the sink, and fill it with water.

“The water should be lukewarm.”

Orchids dislike being exposed to extremes of temperature.

“Saturate the compost thoroughly before removing it from the water.

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“Place it in the drainer and allow all of the excess water to drain.”

Orchids need to be watered once a week in the winter.

This can be increased to twice a week when the weather becomes warm and dry.

The size of an orchid’s container affects how frequently it needs to be watered.

Every seven days, a six-inch pot requires watering.

A four-inch pot, on the other hand, necessitates water on a daily basis.

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