TV revivals: Borgen, Sex and the City, Dexter


What’s the story?

Telly revivals.

Do you mean repeats?

No, I’m talking about shows thought to have gone the way of the dodo that are now making a comeback.

I’ll need more information.

I give you Exhibit A: Sex and the City. We bade farewell to the TV series in 2004. Then came two dreadful movies, the second a tone-deaf bastion of unapologetic white privilege.

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Imagine the surprise, then, when it was announced that HBO Max is to reprise it on the small screen with a new title, And Just Like That… Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will return – Kim Cattrall is choosing to sit this one out.

And the good news?

Exhibit B: Netflix is breathing fresh life into Danish political drama Borgen, which wrapped in 2013 after three series. Sidse Babett Knudsen will reprise her role as Birgitte Nyborg Christensen, the first female Prime Minister of Denmark. Filming is underway, with new episodes expected to air in 2022.

Any others?

A revival of Dexter, the dark drama about a mild-mannered blood-spatter analyst/serial killer, is in the works.

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Other TV shows are being reimagined with a new cast, including the teen drama, Gossip Girl, and the 1990s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which will undergo a dramatic retelling.

When can I watch?
Coming to a streaming service soon. 


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