TV Preview: Jonathan Ross – Co, a super detective, is back in The Masked Singer


“It’s ITV’s Christmas gift to TV viewers.TV “It’s ITV’s viewers’ Christmas gift.

And with a cast of 12 new characters, including Grandfather Clock, Badger, Seahorse, Sausage (who appears wrapped in newspaper and with a side of fries), Blob, Robin, Harlequin, Swan and more, there is no question that it will be a welcome presence when it comes back on air on Boxing Day.

Ross is joined by returning panelists Davina McCall and Rita Ora again, while American actor Ken Jeong is replaced by comedian Mo Gilligan.

The newcomer Gilligan and returning host Joel Dommett agree on how much the national mood will be lightened by the singing series.

“I think in these times, it’s shows like this that really bring people together on Saturday nights.”I believe it’s shows like this in these times that really bring people together on Saturday nights.

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, who acted as Queen Bee, won the final season of the popular show in which different celebrities sing while wearing intricate costumes and masks to hide their identities.

An diverse and unexpected array of musicians, including politician Alan Johnson, singers Kelis, Justin Hawkins, Skin, Jake Shears and Katherine Jenkins and footballer Teddy Sheringham, triumphed over her.

“Last season, Dommett says, “It felt important because it was so different from every other show out there, and it’s just, more than ever, a show that has no irony in it, it’s not cynical, it’s just silly and amusing, and I think that’s what we need in 2020, I think.

“And I’m just really excited for it to be on TV and for everyone to have a little bit of silliness in their lives in a very serious year.”

Filming this year was at the mercy of the coronavirus pandemic, like many television productions, and luckily it was able to film with a very small audience in September.

TV star Ross explains, “Filming was a lot of fun this time, it was more like a party atmosphere.”

We shot it under the very strict rules of Covid, so it was another environment anyway.

“We were lucky enough to have a small audience, and there was this feeling where we all just felt happy to be there, and I think the cast felt the same way – they really got into the spirit of it, and there was a real camaraderie in the show.”

He adds, “Because everybody wears a mask, it’s the best show you can do, so we’re kind of ahead of the game.” Really, I think that here we all feel safer than anywhere else, and hopefully all the audience and all our celebrities feel the same way.

Former Big Brother host McCall agrees, adding that for extra protection, the judges also have Plexiglas panels between them.

It’s amazing,” she says, “because I was really worried about what it would look like because I thought if they (the audience) were all two meters apart and they were just in groups of four, the audience would feel so cold and a bit dead, and how are you going to build a mood? “She’s telling.

But the lighting team here did an excellent job, and they put up, I can’t understand, these beautiful columns of light standing upright between each group of people, three or four.

Not only does it create a little bridge between the two socially distant classes, but it also provides a feeling of fullness when you look out at the crowd, and it’s so beautiful.

“So it looks beautiful, it adds to the glamour of the show, we still have an audience that’s completely safe – everyone in masks, and so it worked a lot better than I thought it would.”

For vocalist Ora, whose hits include “Hot Right Now” and “Let You Love Me,” the outfits that caught her attention were Ross’s.

You want to see the wardrobe of Jonathan…,”You should see Jonathan’s wardrobe…,”

Ross adds, “I’ve been using the lockdown to go through all my boxes of old stuff and I’m pulling out clothes that I thought were ridiculous in the ’80s and I still think are ridiculous now, but I don’t care.”

An excited Ora adds, “I’m like, ‘Can I wear this, please?” ‘I inquire all the time, literally, if I can borrow his clothing.’

She and Chameleon (who was later revealed to be The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins) had a short onscreen flirtation in season one.

Will anybody else try to win her or the judges over in this episode?

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