Trump Jr. has been chastised for applauding Gun Owners of America’s gift of an AR-15 rifle to Kyle Rittenhouse.


Trump Jr. was chastised for applauding Gun Owners of America’s gift of an AR-15 to Kyle Rittenhouse.

Following his acquittal in court, Donald Trump Jr expressed his full support for Gun Owners of America’s plan to award Rittenhouse with an AR-15 rifle.

Kyle Rittenhouse will receive an AR-15 rifle from Gun Owners of America (GOA), a non-profit lobbying organization founded in 1976 to “preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.”

With a tweet, Donald Trump Jr. expressed his support for the proposal, and the Internet is buzzing with responses.

The teen was acquitted of all five charges, including homicide, for killing two men and injuring one during the August 2020 Kenosha riots.

According to a spokesperson for Rittenhouse, his client will resume his “normal” life and return to school to pursue his dream of becoming a nurse.

The teen was heavily trolled on Twitter in response to the news, with one tweet stating, “If Rittenhouse was the nurse, I’d straight up flatline.”

The verdict in Rittenhouse’s case has split the country.

When the verdict was announced, his supporters outside the courthouse chanted “praise God,” while another group booed.

Outside the courthouse, Jacob Blake’s family was also present.

The riots in Kenosha were sparked by Blake’s shooting.

His family wanted Rittenhouse punished for killing Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, who were at the Kenosha rally condemning Blake’s shooting.

According to USA Today, an uncle, Jacob Blake, told the media, “We’re going to continue to fight.” Another uncle, Justin Blake, told news cameras posted outside, “We’re going to continue to fight.”

“Those 12 jurors who had the evidence found him not guilty of the charges, but we have two young men who will never see their families again.”

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Kyle Rittenhouse’s biggest crime, according to the Internet, is ‘ugly crying.’

Colin Kaepernick labels Rittenhouse a “terrorist,” and the internet says, “See you at defamation.”

On the internet, Trump Jr has been dubbed “deranged.”

“ALERT: GOA will present Kyle Rittenhouse with an AR-15 for his efforts to defend gun rights in the United States.

“Join us in thanking Kyle Rittenhouse for standing up for gun owners and self-defense rights across the country!” the GOA tweeted.

“Gun Owners of America is sending Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15,” Donald Trump Jr wrote on Twitter late on November 20.

In support of Kyle, sign the card.

The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right for all Americans.

The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict is a recognition of those rights,” the Internet retorted to the troubled son of former President George W. Bush.

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