‘Truly outstanding’: A hairstylist shares an ‘out of this world’ flat makeover inspired by the 1970s.


‘Truly outstanding’: A hairstylist reveals an ‘out of this world’ flat makeover inspired by the 1970s.

The interior of a home is one way for homeowners to express their personality and passion for design.

With a passion for bright colors and 70s style, one woman has revealed how she transformed her flat into a time capsule.

Becky Morris, a hairdresser from Manchester, transformed her small one-bedroom flat with stunning 70s inspired furniture and interior design.

I Want Wallpaper spoke to Becky, who shares her interior journey on Instagram at @myretrodecor, about the renovation because she has a keen eye for all things vintage.

“I’m obsessed with color because I love how it can set the tone and mood of a room,” she explained.

Warm, bright colors make me happy, which is why I use them throughout my home, especially during the winter.

“I’m completely drawn to oranges and yellows, teak woods, and bold clashing patterns, and the 1970s was a fantastic era for that, and I believe that’s where my passion began.”

Becky mixed old and new furniture after gathering her thoughts on what she wanted to do.

“I feel quite lucky when it comes to hard and soft furnishings,” the hairdresser continued.

Manchester has a plethora of amazing vintage shops and markets, and with a little searching, you can always find a wonderful timeless piece.

“When it comes to buying vintage, I believe it is best to wait until you find exactly what you want.

It’s the most effective way to locate those unique pieces that add character to your space.

“This is especially true if you come across a piece that requires some attention.

I enjoy looking for items with a history and a tale to tell.

Don’t be afraid to devote some time to it so it can shine.

“It may take a little longer for your room to come together, but in my experience, the wait is well worth it, and patience pays off big time.”

It adds to the overall excitement of the project.”

IKEA, according to Becky, is a great place to look for mid-century replicas.

Because she likes to redecorate frequently, the hairdresser said she tries to keep her costs low when making changes.

“I’ve gotten most of my furniture, pottery, and homeware from secondhand shops over the years,” she explained.

There are a lot of interesting pieces.

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