Trey decides to move in for Lauren’s daughter’s sake in ‘Moving For Love.’


Trey decides to move in for Lauren’s daughter’s sake.

Trey, Lauren, and Lauren’s daughter, Beatrice, are the focus of episode 2 of “Moving For Love.”

HGTV shows are always popular among real estate enthusiasts.

But, instead of the usual home improvement show, the channel is back with something new this time.

The channel features a variety of couples who live in various locations and enjoy their love lives together.

Trey, Lauren, and Lauren’s daughter, Beatrice, are the focus of Episode 2 of ‘Moving For Love.’

Trey and Lauren have been in a long-distance relationship for a while, but they are planning to move in together.

The couple considers a number of factors before making the big move, including their ideal home with all amenities and their professional lives.

Lauren, on the other hand, is more concerned with her 10-year-old daughter’s wishes.

The couple goes to a lot of houses in Lynchburg and Long Beach together.

Trey even makes an attempt to persuade Lauren, but his efforts are in vain.

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HGTV reality show ‘Moving For Love’ is about love, drama, and gorgeous homes.

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The couple visits many beautiful houses while choosing their home in this episode.

Everyone considers their proximity to their workplace and family members when visiting houses.

Lauren and Trey, however, were different from other couples in that the former was concerned about her young daughter’s friends, privacy, and wishes.

Trey eventually gave up and decided to relocate to Lynchburg, despite his dislike of the city.

Lauren started crying and wasn’t ready to live without her daughter, so he made the decision.

Lauren and her daughter applauded Trey’s decision because they would now be able to live in their favorite place.

Fans took to Twitter as soon as the episode ended to express their thoughts on Trey’s decision.

“She would be OK with her 10 year old having her own private entrance?? (hashtag)movingforlove (hashtag)HouseHunters,” one fan wrote. “So if she ain’t leaving Daddy, how this going to work?! (hashtag)MovingForLove.”

One of them must make a significant sacrifice, but they must do so on their own.

Another user added, “He’s not to blame for her father’s dreams (hashtag)MovingForLove.”


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