Travelers caught up in the destination’s tight Covid laws have received a warning from British tourists.


Travelers caught up in the destination’s tight Covid laws have received a warning from British tourists.

The Netherlands has issued a warning to British tourists after a number of visitors were caught off guard by the country’s tough standards. Many British visitors to Amsterdam were unaware of the stringent rules.

To go indoors in the Netherlands, everyone must provide a vaccination certificate or a negative test under new Covid rules. Due to the strict limitations, British tourists have been stranded outside many venues.

While many British travelers have been double-vaccinated in the UK, the NHS Covid card is still not accepted in the Netherlands.

If a traveler does not have an EU vaccination permit, they must submit a negative test in order to enter a hospitality establishment.

Tourists can take free tests, but they only last for 24 hours, so British visitors will need to do one every day of their vacation in the Netherlands.

The tight limits apply to all indoor venues, including museums, restaurants, performance halls, and pubs.

Without demonstrating a negative test result, British tourists are allowed to sit outside on restaurant terraces.

As the weather changes, however, this may become a less enticing alternative for autumn or winter vacations.

The guidelines went into effect on September 25, just a few days after quarantine restrictions for UK travellers visiting the Netherlands were repealed.

The new legislation has already caught tourists vacationing in Amsterdam this week off guard.

“My 24 hours just finished half an hour ago,” one tourist told Amsterdam television AT5. As a result, I’ll have to go through the testing process once more.” “Now they say they need a QR code,” another tourist couple remarked. “What were we thinking?” They should have been more specific. We’re going to have to stay outside. “We’re stranded on the street.” One tourist was taken aback when they discovered they couldn’t even use the restroom. “Someone informed me I couldn’t go to the bathroom unless I had a coronavirus pass,” they explained. Although the NHS Covid card is not accepted as proof of vaccination at the border, it is acceptable as an access pass to indoor venues in the Netherlands.

The UK Foreign Office further states that anyone over the age of 12 who wishes to visit the Netherlands must be able to present proof of a negative Covid test.

In the Netherlands, wearing a face mask is no longer required when indoors, but visitors should always check the most up-to-date guidelines as regulations can change quickly.

When utilizing public transportation, however, everyone must wear a mask or face fines of up to $95. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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