‘Train to Cornwall costs more than a return fly to New York,’ says a UK holiday price rise.


‘Train to Cornwall costs more than a return fly to New York,’ says a UK holiday price rise.

THE COST OF a vacation in the United Kingdom appears to have reached new heights.

Many Britons want to stay at home this summer, but “ridiculous” prices are preventing them from doing so. Britons are comparing UK costs to prices in other countries on social media, and the UK is falling short.

“It’s cheaper to go to Europe than to ‘stay local’ and visit Dover,” one user wrote.

To establish their case, they posted a photo of a railway ticket from Dover to Hertfordshire.

“Recently took a train to Cornwall and it cost more than a return airfare to New York (which Skyscanner currently estimates to be £270 per person).”

With the rise of staycations in the UK this summer, holiday prices have risen.

Last month, news broke that a Lake District staycation costs four times as much as a trip to Italy.

“My hotel cancelled my booking now price raise on their website greed will push everyone overseas next year,” someone wrote. (sic)

“Discussion today with someone planning to go abroad for a holiday and that cost significantly lower than equal here,” another Briton added.

“Why is #travel in the United Kingdom so expensive while wages are so low?” they continued.

“Wanted to stay here for a week in September but couldn’t believe the rates, but eventually found an inexpensive spot #staycation #ripoff.”

“Staycation – no way,” one Twitter user said.

“Too pricey, bad food, bad customer service, bad weather, and a lot of people.”

“I traveled to Barcelona to see my daughter and spent a week on the Catalan coast,” they ended. Glorious.”

The cost of a staycation perplexes Britons.

But that isn’t the only thing they are upset about.

A staycation is not the same as traveling overseas in terms of “experience.”

“The UK is so anti-enjoyment,” one user commented. All of December’s hottest locations are on the red or amber list.

“Whether I’m in Africa, Asia, or the Caribbean, I want to be in a bikini on my birthday.

“And I don’t want to waste my time on some stupid staycation where the pricing doesn’t even come close to the experience.”

In the United Kingdom, finding a good deal is becoming increasingly tough.

Because so many Britons are flocking to the same destinations, prices in places like Cornwall and the Lake District have risen.


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