Tracy-Ann Oberman, star of Ridley Road, speaks out about receiving “terrible anti-Semitic hate.”


Tracy-Ann Oberman, star of Ridley Road, speaks out about receiving “terrible anti-Semitic hate.”

Tracy-Ann Oberman, star of RIDLEY ROAD, has spoken out about how important the show is to her.

Nancy Malinovsky is Tracy-Ann Oberman’s character in the BBC’s new Sunday night drama Ridley Road. The actress has spoken out about why she took the role, the show’s crucial message, and the anti-Semitic hate she has suffered in the past to This website and other outlets ahead of its premiere.

This weekend, the BBC premieres Ridley Road, the broadcaster’s major new drama.

The story follows Vivien Epstein (played by Agnes O’Casey), a young Jewish woman who is based on Jo Bloom’s novel.

She works with the anti-fascism 62 Group to infiltrate a far-right organization in the four-part series.

The series, set in the 1960s and written by Sarah Solemani, examines contemporary topics that many of the actors believe have modern-day parallels.

Oberman, who plays Nancy of the 62 Group, recently revealed some details about her role in the film.

“Personally, I have stood up to what I viewed as a major spike in anti-Semitism on social media for the previous four years, and I have received anti-Semitic [abuse],” she told this website and other media.

“And I don’t like the term anti-Semitic because it separates it from racism in my mind.”

“Anti-Semitism is just like any other form of bigotry, and I believe it is rampant right now.”

“I believe it’s fantastic that this narrative is being told,” Oberman concluded.

“One of the reasons I believe this initiative is so essential is that it will remind people of a piece of British history that has been lost to the ages.”

Oberman’s co-star Eddie Marsan also spoke out about his co-“terrible star’s harassment” online.

“[We were] honored to have Tracy on set because she faced great abuse, incredible anti-semitism, I’m feeling upset now,” he remarked.

“Much more than any of us,” says the narrator.

Oberman has been outspoken in his opposition to anti-Semitism inside the Labour Party.

In a recent column for the Sunday Times, the actor detailed some of the harassment she had experienced.

This comes after she slammed social media in the wake of anti-Semitism allegations within the Labour Party.

“I was referred to as a Rothschild prostitute, a tax evading whore, and a Holocaust exaggerator,” she added.

“I received a lot of support from people in the sector, but many were afraid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs.””

“Well, I said something and,” she said. Brinkwire Summary News “..


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