Tourists are warning about the hazards of abandoning the “confusing” travel restrictions.


Tourists are warning about the hazards of abandoning the “confusing” travel restrictions.

A HEALTH expert has issued a caution to tourists as the government seeks to phase out the travel traffic light system. On October 1, the present travel regulations are likely to change.

Changes are in the works that will combine the amber and green list nation categories, making it easier for persons who have been double-vaccinated to travel. However, because to suspicions about new variations, a top health expert has encouraged travelers to “stay careful.”

Professor Denis Kinane, a leading immunologist and the founder of Cignpost Express Test, stated of the traffic light system adjustments, “We believe that on the one hand, this may be a great step for anyone traveling overseas.”

“On the other hand, we must stay watchful in avoiding the introduction of new varieties into the UK.”

“During the spring, when the Delta variation was introduced into the country, Cignpost witnessed a large surge in positive results from those traveling into the UK from the Indian subcontinent,” Denis told

Despite the fact that passengers had tested negative for a Lateral Flow test prior to boarding, he claimed.

Denis was pleased to see that travelers may still be forced to complete a pre-departure test before coming in the United Kingdom, as well as a day two test once they arrive.

He did say, however, that the day two method was “confusing” and that it should be altered to help tourists get test results faster.

“The fact that the test between zero and two days is labeled a Day two test when people arrive to the UK is confusing – it actually contributes to people delaying their PCR test until two days after their return to the UK,” he said.

“This implies that their results could take up to six days to arrive when they return from their trip.”

The testing regimen for travelers should be altered, according to a top immunologist.

“The answer we would recommend is to rename the perplexingly called ‘Day two test’ to a ‘Day-of-Arrival’ test so that we can identify illnesses much more rapidly – and thus move more promptly if a novel variety enters the country,” he stated.

Denis claimed that during the spring, “testing and border gaps” allowed the Delta variety to “flourish” in the UK.

He suggested that a new system will assist the UK in identifying novel variants more swiftly and protecting the public from threats.

Travel restrictions for double-vaccinated passengers are currently less stringent in several European countries than they are in the United Kingdom.

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