Torvill and Dean of Dancing on Ice put their personal lives on hold to save their ITV show.


Torvill and Dean of Dancing on Ice put their personal lives on hold to save the ITV show from cancellation.

Dancing on Ice returns next week, and Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have made plans to keep the ITV show on the air.

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, two skating legends, are putting their personal lives on hold to save Dancing on Ice from cancellation.

The duo will return as judges for the new series, so catching coronavirus will be a major issue.

There’s also a chance that an outbreak on set will force it to be canceled entirely.

“We will be limiting our social contact,” Christopher, 63, said.

Restaurant visits are not permitted.

We’ll be staying at home and preparing our meals in our own kitchen.

“This year’s show will have strict rules.

We’ll have all of the same protocols as last year, and possibly more.

“And everyone will follow the rules to the letter because it’s critical.”

Nobody wants to put the show in jeopardy, so everyone will try to stay healthy and safe.”

The series was thrown into disarray last year when two celebrity contestants were forced to withdraw due to coronavirus.

After three more employees were forced to leave due to injury, the show’s producers were forced to cancel one of the live shows in an unexpected move.

“It was terrifying,” Jayne, 64, said.

It was up to the producers to come up with a solution.

We had to take a week off in order to reorganize.

It was the only way to keep the ship afloat.”

“It was new for everyone last year — how we dealt with it, the protocols, and everyone’s concerns,” Christopher continued.

“No one knew what would happen if a person contracted coronavirus.”

But now that we know what we need to do and have more information, we’re optimistic.”

The new series is expected to provide much-needed light relief to viewers as the country continues to grapple with the pandemic.

Producers are going all out to make it more dazzling than ever before.

“People are looking for entertainment,” Christopher said.

You can never predict what will happen on this show.

There’s sequins and dancing, but there’s also a sense of danger, which adds to the thrill.”

The first episode of Dancing on Ice will air on ITV on January 16th.

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