Top European holiday spots for short breaks and weekend holidays – complete list.


Top European holiday spots for short breaks and weekend holidays – complete list.

People have hurried to plan vacations as travel restrictions across Europe have been eased. As tourists restore confidence, mini holidays and weekend excursions have witnessed an increase in bookings.

Over half of Britons expected to travel abroad for a short trip in 2019, and many are eager to get away now that travel limitations have been eased. But which European countries are the most popular for a short vacation? The Mediterranean is the most popular European mini-break location, with nearly 40% of visitors seeking sunbathing and beach time.

Greece was one of the most popular European locations, according to the European Travel Council.

Despite the effects of pandemic restrictions, Greece welcomed nearly six million tourists this summer.

Santorini is at the top of many travelers’ wish lists, with many opting for a vacation on the romantic island paradise.

Mykonos is another Greek island that attracts visitors looking for a diving vacation or a family vacation.

Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands, and it is also a famous tourist destination.

With a multitude of ancient monuments to see, Athens has much to keep city breakers entertained.

Almost ten percent of those polled said they wanted to take a European vacation to Spain.

In August of this year, approximately five million international tourists visited Spain, including many Britons.

Many British visitors flock to the famed Costa del Sol region to take in the region’s magnificent coastline or play a round of golf on one of Marbella’s renowned courses.

Since the travel restrictions were abolished, the number of British visitors visiting Benidorm on the Costa Blanca has increased dramatically.

Those that enjoy the nightlife Barcelona is popular among Brits because of its bustling all-night parties and numerous cultural attractions.

Italy was another popular mini-break location among those polled, with 8% of respondents choosing the country.

Flight bookings in Italy increased by nearly 500 percent from April to July this year, while hotel bookings also increased.

Many weekend breakers chose Rome as their vacation destination because of the city’s excellent cultural attractions.

Food is a feature of any Italian vacation, and beachgoers are likely to flock to Bari’s resort regions or Sicily’s stunning coastlines.

Despite the pandemic, France remains the most visited country in the globe, with 8% of visitors choosing there for a brief vacation. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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