Top 5 Best ‘Squid Game’ Inspired Halloween Costumes in 2021.


Top 5 Best ‘Squid Game’ Inspired Halloween Costumes in 2021.

Squid Game, a Korean Netflix survival series, has swept the globe, the internet, and now Halloween 2021.

There are a lot of options, but here are the top five Squid Game-inspired Halloween costumes this year.


VIPs from the ‘Squid Game’

Many different masked VIPs have been invited to the competition’s final games.

VIP 1 is dressed in a gold lion mask, which can be purchased for $34.99. VIP 4, who has a soft spot for investigator Joon-ho, wears a panther mask that can be purchased for $24.99.


Players of the ‘Squid Game’

Of course, there are the legendary Squid Game players, who wear a green tracksuit with a white shirt and white vans. Fans of the Squid Game may get the tracksuit for $25.99 – $33.69 on Amazon, as well as the white Vans for $74.99.


The Soldiers in Masks

The Squid Game universe’s circle, triangle, and square guardians are some of the most terrifying characters in the Netflix series. The managers are square masked men, the troops are triangle masked men, and the masked laborers are circular masked men.

The whole outfit, which includes the mask, red jumpsuit, belt, and gloves, is available for $65.99 Optional, as well as a menacing fake gun prop for $29.99 and a black pistol sling for $8.99.

2. The Lead Actor

The Front Man, also known as the Masked Soldiers’ leader and the Administrator of the Squid Game, is dressed in a sleek hooded suit jacket with an angular black mask that costs $9.97.

For $109.00, you can get this stylish leather jacket/robe.

Fans will need black leather gloves, tailored black trousers, and elegant black boots to complete the Front Man outfit. A grey pistol prop is available for $16.99 as an option.


Doll with Red and Green Lights (The Mugunghwa doll)

The Mugunghwa doll is a frightening and easy-to-make Squid Game costume.

The eerie doll costume is the ultimate Halloween outfit because it is basically the mascot of the entire series. It’s not only simple and cute, but it’s also somewhat creepy.

Squid Game lovers only need an orange dress, a short-sleeved collared yellow shirt, white knee-high socks, and black flats to transform into the doll. Fans of the Squid Game may also purchase the scary doll in costume, complete with mask, for $29.99.

Squid Game has been Netflix’s largest debut hit of all time, with over 111 million viewers. It’s obvious… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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