Tony Maudsley of Coronation Street makes a stir with his “greatest purchase ever,” which he says is “too soon.”


Tony Maudsley of Coronation Street makes a stir with his “greatest purchase ever,” which he says is “too soon.”

Tony Maudsley, a cast member of CORONATION STREET, has caused a stir on Twitter this morning as he appeared to begin his Christmas celebrations three months early.

Tony Maudsley, 53, of Coronation Street, shared his favorite buy of the year thus far with his Twitter followers. The soap actor was giddy with delight over his new life-size Santa Claus.

Ebay does not wait for anyone.

Tony Maudsley is a British actor.

“Too soon?” said the George Shuttleworth actor.

“Ebay has no patience!! #BestPurchaseEver.”

The post was accompanied by a photo of his massive purchase, which he had displayed on his green patio furniture.

If the life-size singing Santa remains outside, his neighbors will undoubtedly be surprised.

The regular on the cobblestones tweeted the news to his 61,000 followers.

“Ah Tony, Santa is amazing, what outfit is he wearing for Halloween?” one fan asked.

Others were less enthusiastic, with one saying, “Oh @TonyMaudsley1 it’s far too soon.”

Tony received a lot of hilarious responses as well as some warnings regarding the new purchase’s noise.

“I have one of these Tony, they’re bl**dy amazing except I put masking tape over the sensor on the front since it gave me a heart attack at 2am going to the bathroom,” a third said.

Another fan recalled the star’s appearances on the smash show Benidorm.

“That reminds me of the Benidorm inflatable scene,” he remarked. Every Christmas, one street near me puts Blackpool illuminations to shame; you can definitely see it from space.”

Over 140 people have liked the post thus far.

Since 2011, Tony has played Kenneth Du Beke in the ITV comedy series Benidorm.

He revealed in April of last year that he would be switching the sun for the cobbles of Weatherfield.

Tony plays George Shuttleworth, the son of Archie Shuttleworth, an undertaker (played by Rod Hudd).

His character continues Archie’s legacy, who was killed off the program in 2018.

Roy Shuttleworth died in March 2020 at the age of 83, leaving the soap to carry on the Shuttleworth tradition.

Tony has left a lasting effect on Coronation Street viewers and residents since his debut.

The TV celebrity made waves recently after reuniting with an old buddy and purchasing some of his artwork.

Tony purchased a sculpture that brought him memories of his childhood in Kirkby.


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