Tony Bennett’s wife claims that the famed singer, who is 95 years old, is unaware that he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.


Tony Bennett’s wife claims that the famed singer, who is 95 years old, is unaware that he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

According to his wife Susan Bendetto, TONY BENNETT is unaware that he has Alzheimer’s disease.

Susan Bendetto, 55, the music legend’s wife, has spoken out about her husband, Tony Bennett, 95, and his battle with Alzheimer’s disease in a recent interview. Susan appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday, where she discussed her husband’s illness.

He has no idea he has it.

Susan Benedetto is a writer who lives in New York City.

She stated, ” “He has no idea he has it.

“Thank heavens he recognizes me; his children, you know, we are privileged in many ways.”

Susan went on to describe how an Alzheimer’s patient’s day is different every day.

She said, ” “Every day is unique.

“Tony is more alert late at night, and occasionally early in the morning, if I may use that term.

She promised him he’d be on 60 Minutes, and she described how he’d remember and then forget.

Susan stated, “‘I do,’ he says. But he won’t know at any given time.” “He doesn’t know he has it?” added Anderson Cooper, the show’s host. “It’s a very emotional situation. “It’s difficult to watch someone transform,” Lady Gaga says of performing with Tony Bennett, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. “He really went above and above to offer the world the gift of understanding that things can change and you can still be great.” “No,” Usan said flatly. She recalled the moment she began to be concerned about her husband five years ago, when he first noticed he was forgetting things.

“I’m having trouble recalling the names of the musicians,” Tony said to Susan.

Susan told him to go to the physicians because these were musicians he worked with all the time.

Tony was diagnosed in 2017 by Dr. Gaytari Devi, who told him that the region of his brain responsible for memory retrieval was not functioning properly.

Tony publishes images of his wife and puppy on Instagram on a daily basis, with one devoted to World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.

He is smiling and holding on to his wife’s shoulders, while Susan is carrying their puppy.

It was labeled as follows: “There’s always a reason to ‘Smile’ and do something positive in the world.

“On World Alzheimer’s Day, join me in supporting the Alzheimer’s Association’s work. Please see the link in my bio for further information.” Susan and Tony married in a civil wedding in New York in 2007.

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