Tomasz Schafernaker of BBC Breakfast pounced on the gaffe live on air, asking, “What are you doing?”


Tomasz Schafernaker of BBC Breakfast pounced on the gaffe live on air, asking, “What are you doing?”

Following a technical difficulty with weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker, BBC BREAKFAST presenters Ben Thompson and Rachel Burden couldn’t contain themselves on Sunday morning’s show.

Tomasz Schafernaker, the BBC Breakfast weatherman, had a technical problem this morning and tried to hide it. Despite the studio laughing uncontrollably at the error, broadcaster Ben Thompson apologised for pointing out the problem live on air.

The weatherman, Tomasz Schafernaker, was noticeably still after ending up his weather report this morning.

When he realized his microphone pack was on the floor, he began searching for it and bungled his remarks.

“Are you alright Tomasz, what are you doing?” asked Ben Thompson, who soon sensed something was wrong.

Tomasz laughed as he bent down to pick up the mic pack, saying, “Okay, if you must see!”

When Ben and Rachel Burden spotted Tomasz holding up his tangled electrical equipment, they laughed.

As he struggled to free himself from the cables, the weatherman added, “Look, this is what’s on the floor, there’s a lot of tech here.”

“You know what, I get a little carried away when we go around!”

“You’re tangled!” exclaims the narrator. As the weatherman struggled to gather himself, Ben said.

“There’s all kinds of tech around here that you don’t see,” he joked later.

When Ben realized what he’d said, he apologized, saying, “Sorry, I just put you under the bus there, didn’t I?”

Tomasz replied, “You did,” while Rachel continued to laugh uncontrollably in the background.

Ben waved goodbye to Tomasz for the time being, adding, “Go disentangle yourself and I’ll see you in a little.”

“By the way, I don’t want to see anything else below that line,” Rachel added.

“Certainly not!” she exclaimed.

Her amused co-host remarked, “He might have his shorts.”

Rachel responded, “You’d forgive him today, though,” referring to the extreme heat in the UK at the moment.

Viewers have complained on Twitter in recent weeks that the weatherman can’t seem to keep still while giving his report, causing one person to speculate: “So Tomasz Shuffleknackers kept exceptionally still because he was tied down?” #BBCBreakfast.” (sic)

However, Tomasz’s amazing hair has recently led people to tweet about it, so the technical glitch wasn’t the only thing that distracted viewers.

“Marvelling at Tomasz’s 80s footballer hair,” one person said.

“OK, I’ve yelled at the TV screen enough.” Brinkwire Summary News, said another.


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