Tom Parker’s wife gives an emotional update after a scan revealed that the star’s brain tumor had shrunk.


Tom Parker’s wife gives an emotional update after a scan revealed that the star’s brain tumor had shrunk.

After a scan this week revealed a “slight reduction” in her husband’s brain tumor, Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey sent an emotional message on Instagram.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor last year, Tom Parker provided an update on his health Friday. On Wednesday, the Wanted frontman, who turned 33, disclosed that a recent scan confirmed his tumor to be “stable with a tiny shrinkage.”

Kelsey, Tom’s wife, called her husband a “hero” for how he has heroically confronted his health problems.

“With a single click of the fingers, your entire existence can be flipped upside down,” she posted on Instagram.

“We were 35 weeks pregnant (with our Bodhi baby) when we received the most tragic news.

In light of her 61,700 followers, she stated, “My @tomparkerofficial got a brain tumor, the beads of perspiration, echo within my mind, and leg shaking is something I will never forget.”

“Nearly a year on since diagnosis, he has had another stable scan with reduction,” she wrote with a photo of Tom with their children.

“I am so proud of my spouse; he is genuinely my hero.

“On the darkest of days, when we’ve cried and held each other, and when we’ve put on the bravest of faces when we’ve collapsed deep down inside.

“You must battle with everything you have; cancer has an armor, and you must bombard it with explosives from all sides.

“All we could hope for is a stable MRI.

“Thomas Parker, you are a source of inspiration for all of us.

“Just because we’re good at carrying things doesn’t mean it’s not heavy,” she continued.

“I’m not crying,” she says. Tom responded in the comments area of her touching post, “I love you more than you could ever know.”


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The couple received the tragic news while the mother of two was significantly pregnant with their second child.

They now have two children, Aurelia Rose, two, and Bodhi, nine months.

Tom was seen celebrating his special day with his children and a cake in a photo shared by her on social media.

It read, “Happy birthday to a superhero HubbyDaddy.”

After enduring days of “Brinkwire Summary News,” Tom posted an update on his Instagram account yesterday.


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