Tom Holland teases working with Alfred Molina, who plays Doc Ock in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Tom Holland teases working with Alfred Molina, who plays Doc Ock in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom Holland, the star of Spider-Man: No Way Home, has indicated that he will be working with Alfred Molina in the future film. The man who plays Doc Ock had been rumored to be in this picture for a long time, but the anticipation for his comeback grew as the trailer was released. EW had the opportunity to interview Holland about the huge Spider-Man narrative. “One of my favorite persons I’ve ever worked with,” he said of Molina. The trailer’s centerpiece was the scene on the bridge where the two protagonists faced off. Doc Ock hasn’t been seen in the Spider-Verse in quite some time. Initially, it was questioned if he would be able to do all of the stunt work. CGI, on the other hand, has gone a long way since the mid-2000s. Molina has re-acquired the ability to use his arms. Holland, on the other hand, noted a difference between how previous Sam Raimi films were made and how the current trilogy unfolds.

“It was a lot of pleasure to watch him see how far technology has progressed,” Holland said. “The arms were puppets while he was filming these films, and when we did it, they were entirely fictitious and CG. It was fascinating to watch him recreate and relearn the experience.” Molina discussed his return to acting with The Hollywood Reporter. In Marvel circles, the interview made quite a commotion since the Dock Ock actor was breaking the code of secrecy that pervades these shows.

“We were all told not to talk about it while we were shooting it because it was intended to be a big secret,” Molina added. “But, as you may know, it’s all over the web. I really referred to myself as Hollywood’s worst hidden secret!… It was fantastic. It was fascinating to return to the same character after 17 years, given that I now had two chins, a wattle, crow’s feet, and a slightly bad lower back.” Check out the official Spider-Man: No Way Home description right here: “Our friendly neighborhood web-slinger is no longer able to separate his daily existence as Peter Parker from the high risks of being a superhero, thanks to the exposure of Spider-identity. Man’s When Peter seeks Doctor Strange’s assistance, the stakes rise even higher, compelling him to realize what it means to be Spider-Man.” Are you looking forward to seeing Molina return… Summary of Entertainment News from Brinkwire.


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