Tom Holland is being chastised by Spider-Man fans for fleeing Doc Ock.


Spider-Man: No Way Home dropped some new images this morning and older fans are crying foul. Tom Holland’s Spidey is running for his life as Doc Ock is giving chase. The reason for all these jokes stem from the fact that the MCU hero has been through more than enough fights by now. People who grew up with the Sam Raimi trilogy think that Spider-Man should be more than capable of bringing one of his villains down. However, a lot of social media users were quick to post pictures of Tobey’s Wall-Crawler sprinting away from Green Goblin in Spider-Man. The question is a bit subjective when it comes down to it. A lot of Spider-Man: Far From Home proved that this version of the hero is absolutely still a kid. (One who is growing, but still a teenager.) It would seem as though the Raimi films injected some maturity into their protagonist by having the heart-wrenching moment of seeing Uncle Ben’s death. Funnily enough, this upcoming film is trying to get to some of the heart of that too.

There’s actually no way they won’t show or even mention Tobey and Andrew in the Official Trailer! Tom is literally running for his life. He can’t even fight Doc Ock and people still think that he can beat the whole Sinister Six?! Like come on! 😂#SpiderManNoWayHome

In the synopsis for No Way Home, Marvel says that this adventure will teach the MCU’s Peter what it means to be Spider-Man. There has been some speculation about how to achieve that goal. (Having Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire back in the tights to literally show him the ropes might do the trick.) It’s impossible to know until the finished product is out in the open. Some people have been thrilled by Spdier-Man’s MCU adventures so far. Others have been more critical about some of the shortcomings they see with this version of the character. One thing is for sure, No Way Home is poised to have a little bit of something for everyone, no matter when they became a Spider-Man fan.

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Tobey Maguire Spider-Man wouldnt be running the opposite dirrection. 🙃

Reminder that Tobey went up against the toughest villains from the comics and won. He carrying Andrew and Tom’s Spidey’s… Brinkwire Summary Entertainment News.


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