Tom Fletcher of Strictly Come Dancing says he’s wearing ‘foot thongs’ for his ’emotional’ act.


Tom Fletcher of Strictly Come Dancing says he’s wearing ‘foot thongs’ for his ’emotional’ act.

Tom Fletcher of Strictly Come Dancing says he’ll be doing things a bit differently this weekend, and will be dancing in ‘foot thongs’ for Musical Week.

The McFly singer will be performing with girlfriend Amy Dowden during Musicals Week and is looking forward to it.

Producers presented a videotape of him practicing his new dance on the Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two, and host Rylan noticed something odd about his clothing.

Tom was seen dancing with Amy in the video, but interestingly, he was not wearing any shoes or socks.

“Ahhh, I was dreading you showing this,” Tom stated as they played the clip.

“Excuse me, are you going full Diana Vickers barefoot?” Rylan inquired, staring at the screen.

“We are,” Tom’s pro partner Amy replied.

The artist then chimed in with the following: “Actually, I’m wearing thongs on my feet. Is that the way you phrase it?” “I’m sorry, it’s quarter to seven and I’m on BBC 2…” Rylan remarked, laughing. Dancers wear foot thongs to protect their feet while they aren’t wearing shoes or socks.

Tom then responded to Rylan’s remark by saying he’d show him once filming was completed.

The discussion then moved on to the performance and why this week was so significant for Tom.

This week, the stars will compete to songs from their favorite musicals, which is where Tom wanted to make sure he got to at the end of the competition.

Rylan said, ” “You mentioned that you intended to attend Musicals Week. What did it mean to you so much? Is it correct that you began your career in musical theater?” Tom went on to say: “I began my career in musical theatre at the age of nine, attending drama school. It’s such an important part of my life, and when Amy and I first met, we were discussing what I wanted out of the Strictly experience, and I simply screamed musicals week!” On Saturday evening, the duo will perform in front of the judges and do their hardest to stay in the competition for another week.

This week’s judging panel, however, is a little different. Craig Revel Horwood is out due to Coronavirus, and actress Cynthia Erivo has taken his place.

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