Tom Ellis wants viewers to cry at Lucifer season 6’s “bittersweet” ending.


Tom Ellis wants viewers to cry at Lucifer season 6’s “bittersweet” ending.

Once the final ten episodes of the popular fantasy series, LUCIFER, are available on Netflix, Tom Ellis hopes there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

Fans are preparing for an emotional farewell to one of their favorite series with just over a week till the sixth and final season of Lucifer premieres on television. Tom Ellis, who plays the lead in the Netflix series, has expressed his expectations for the finale ahead of its September premiere.

Tom Ellis believes that by the time the final episode of Netflix’s Lucifer airs, people will be in tears.

The British actor foreshadowed a “bittersweet” finish to the series in a recent interview with TV Line.

He cautioned that there could be even more misery next week, following the emotional rollercoaster of season five.

“I hope they cry,” he expressed his wish. “I’m hoping they’ll be crying!”

Plot details are being kept under wraps, so it’s unclear whether one specific occurrence will set off the tears in the next installment.

Ellis may be correct in presuming that the show’s millions of fans will be disappointed to see the series come to an end after more than five years on the air.

He did, however, assure viewers that the last season will not be all doom and gloom.

“And then, perhaps, their hearts will be filled with joy at the same time,” he continued.

Season 6 will begin up after the shocking cliffhanger from last May, in which the crime-solving devil took over from his retired father, God (Dennis Haysbert).

Lucifer will have to try to combine governing the universe with his complicated relationship with human ex-detective Chloe Decker, now that he has a complete new armory of omnipotent powers at his disposal (played by Lauren German).

Simple enough, until the entrance of his rebellious sister Rory (Brianna Hildebrand) threatens to topple the entire universe.

Before the series’ conclusion, Lucifer will have to race against the clock to restore the balance of good and evil and ensure the safety of his mortal and celestial associates.


Originally slated to finish with the fifth season, Ellis went on to discuss how much effort the showrunners put into the final episodes following Netflix’s unexpected extension.

“The trip that Chloe and Lucifer have been on.” Brinkwire Summary News, he explained.


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