Today’s Warzone update includes information on Cold War free access and COD Season 5 reloaded.


Today’s Warzone update includes information on Cold War free access and COD Season 5 reloaded.

At the same time that Cold War free access begins, a new Warzone update is available for download, and Activision has disclosed its plans for Call of Duty Season 5.

A major Call of Duty playlist patch was released today, removing the Buy-Back mode’s dominance and allowing players to play a normal match in Verdansk. For those unfamiliar with Buy Back, it allows you to return to a game as many times as you like as long as you have $4500 to spend.

During the final stages, this option is disabled, forcing teammates to rely on Buy Stations. Today’s Warzone playlist update brings back several classic modes, including the following:

3rd of September

3rd of September, removed

Armoured Royale is back today, but some gamers are unsure how long it will be available.

Activision has revived Armoured Royale several times in the past, only to have to withdraw it again due to exploit difficulties.

The current version of the Armoured Royale rules is as follows: “Squads of up to four players will penetrate Verdansk with just a pistol to their name and must scavenge for weapons, equipment, and cash, just like in a typical Battle Royale Quads.

“Squads will encounter and combat enemy squads while avoiding the lethal circle collapse in order to be the last team standing, with the opportunity to bring in their own unique Loadouts via Loadout Drops.

“Despite these similarities, there is one huge, monstrous, and motorized difference between a Battle Royale and an Armored Royale: the Armored Cargo Truck, which adds a few new dynamics to the Warzone concept through heavy vehicular-based combat.”

This isn’t the only exciting news for gamers this week, as Activision has made the current Cold War free to play across all platforms.

Players can play a variety of Cold War variants via the Warzone menu screen from now until Tuesday, September 7.

Free Access gamers may also try out the new Double Agent mode, which entails hunting for clues to learn more about your group’s Double Agents, then eliminating them before they ruin the mission. Alternatively, you can play as a Double Agent, laying bombs and eliminating players who deviate too far from the pack.

Activision also stated that Call of Duty Season 5 would begin on September 9th, following the launch.

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