Today’s Splitgate news: Season 0 patch notes are now available.


Today’s Splitgate news: Season 0 patch notes are now available.

The new Splitgate Season 0 update is now ready for download, and it includes full patch notes as well as additional map information.

Splitgate has released a major update today, opening off Season 0 with new content and the entire beta experience.

On consoles, the new Portals shooter has proven to be extremely popular, resulting in enormous server lines when demand outstripped support.

The good news is that most of these difficulties have been rectified, and Splitgate Season 0 has commenced after a long period of server unavailability.

Season 0 has taken the place of the game’s official launch, and 1047 Games intends to keep Splitgate in beta indefinitely.

That doesn’t mean fans will lose access to previous content, as the development team has promised to continue supporting the game with a larger user base in mind.

Karman Station, a reinterpretation of the original map Outpost, is among the new features in today’s Splitgate release.

Karman Station takes the place of Outpost on the Splitgate Maps roster, and it comes with a new Battle Pass and a slew of other improvements, all of which are detailed below:


Season 0 Battle Pass – The Battle Pass includes 100 Levels of brand-new goodies that are only available through the Battle Pass! New Armors, Weapon Skins, Name Tags, Banners, and a Portal Skin are all included with the Pass! With the BP, all Season Challenges are unlocked!

Contamination is a new asymmetrical mode that pits two teams against one other. The “Contaminated” team begins with only Bats and attempts to frag the “Human” team, which has firearms. When a member of the Human team dies, they are resurrected by the Contaminated team. When time runs out or all players are infected, the game is over.

Changes in Quality of Life:

Fixes for bugs:


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