Today’s horoscope, Thursday, October 21: A daily look at what your zodiac sign has in store for your zodiac dates.


March 21 to April 20

Your cash-creating energy may come as a surprise to people who assume they know you inside out and you may need to push harder for that “yes”.

But if you know this is the right path, pursue it. Your passion profile is pure adventure.

When you see or hear someone you like, you know exactly what to do next.


April 21 to May 21

As Uranus meets the moon in your sign, unexpected feelings and ambitions may surface.

Big plans might not make you popular right now but they can reshape your future in positive ways.

Love-wise, tiny physical gestures mean so much. The sun shines on health promises and strengthens them.

May 22 to June 21

Secret parts of yourself you hide, especially at work, are ready to be seen and shared.

Believe those words of encouragement, even if they come from someone unlikely.

As Mercury drives your close-bonds chart, friends and family deserve to have the best of you . . . but they must give something in return.

June 22 to July 22

You are a social enigma and even those closest to you might not understand you. But they do want to know more.

This star skill makes you so compelling on a screen.

Your property zone is super-practical and even if home plans have stalled for months, movement can happen by the end of the day.

July 23 to August 23

Instead of limiting your ambitions, you are ready to let them loose and recognise the unique skills and personality traits that make you stand out.

Work-wise, a boss might expect more than you are willing to give, so weigh up the situation carefully.

If you are in love, this is a day for pillow talk – at any time.

August 24 to September 22

There is so much you want to say, yet you find the words escaping you.

Saturn’s caution may stand between you and a passion prize but the moon is there to inspire you.

Trust yourself to say exactly the right thing. Fitness-wise, the extra energy you need for a tough schedule is there in your chart.

September 23 to October 23

Step back from a creative project and see the bigger picture. If you have taken a wrong turn or got lost along the way,

Saturn helps you find your bearings. You can skip some routine stages if you act fast.

In passion terms, words are fine but today actions prove your love. Luck waits in a riverside location.

October 24 to November 22

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