Today’s horoscope, November 12: A daily guide to what your zodiac sign has in store for your zodiac dates.


Today’s horoscope, November 12: A daily guide to what your zodiac sign has in store for your zodiac dates.

21st to 20th of March

You feel everything so deeply, from a tingle of attraction to a shiver of expectation. This creates some sensual and unexpected circumstances.

Trust your ability to discern who and what you truly require – and go for it. Although your financial chart is uncommon, unconventional investments and hobbies may be a natural fit.


21st April to 21st May

A friendship moon fosters genuine moments, while Mercury sharpens analytical skills to bring two opposing viewpoints together.

As a result, the harmony you desire in your life can be achieved… by you.

Passion trips may begin as one-way affairs, but when “A” music is playing, two individuals might easily fall in sync.

22nd to 21st of May

The ultimate star gift from the sun and Neptune is to aim high in objectives while constantly keeping in mind what people around you need.

Yes, you can make rapid progress while still bringing everyone you care about with you.

In a bar where drinks are being ordered, Venus sends out some subtle love messages.

22nd to 22nd of June

The center of your chart represents a place you’ve never been but retains a particular place in your heart.

You’re ready to restart a trip or a job project that will get you there.

And this time, instead of feeling obligated to follow, you will take the initiative. Doubts might vanish when passion is great.

The dates are July 23 through August 23.

Instead of attempting to deduce what everyone at home is thinking, today is the day to ask them – and fill in the blanks with facts rather than speculation.

But, especially if you’re dealing with a change in habit, be honest about your own sentiments.

The type of passion that can change people’s lives is just on the horizon of your day.

Between August 24 and September 22,

You may speak more than you mean to, or want to, with Mars in your communication zone, but this can be a good thing.

You may interrupt a trend of cool distance at work by getting teams to talk again.

You can see bonds as they are at home, warts and all. And instead of waiting, you make a decisive move in love.

23rd September to 23rd October

You know what you want in a partner, and now you can tell them. If you’re single, it could mean stepping up your dating game.

However, you will immediately feel at ease. For two, property news is accumulating… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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