Tobias Menzies, star of The Crown: Prince Philip, explains why he didn’t recognise Duke’s death.


Tobias Menzies, star of The Crown: Prince Philip, explains why he didn’t recognise Duke’s death.

Tobias Menzies, who played Prince Philip for two seasons on THE CROWN, has opened up about why he didn’t feel compelled to commemorate his death.

Tobias Menzies, best known for his dual roles on Outlander, took over the role of Prince Philip in 2019 when Matt Smith left the Netflix drama following seasons three and four. The actor has just lately spoken out about playing such a prominent royal character, commenting on the Duke of Edinburgh’s “extraordinary life.”

The actor found himself in a difficult situation following the Duke’s death announcement.

Tobias didn’t feel qualified to comment on Prince Philip’s life, despite Matt’s passionate homage.

The man was Prince Philip. Thank you for your service, old chap; without you, it wouldn’t be the same.”

“After spending two years playing him and thinking about him, of course Prince Philip’s death affected me in a completely different way than if I hadn’t played that role,” Tobias said of his quiet following the Duke’s death earlier this year.

“However, if I’m being entirely honest, I’ve never met the man.”

“Of course, it’s a strange cultural position to be in, to have been the most recent person to have played him at the time when he passed away,” he said to Radio Times.

“I was requested a lot around that time [Prince Philip’s death] to go on shows and react and talk about him, which was incredibly uncomfortable for me.

“However, you should realize that I never met the man. You know, I didn’t know who he was. We were putting on a play based on elements of his life.”

Despite never having met the late Duke of Edinburgh, Tobias highlighted the amount of time and effort he put into his portrayal.

He described how he tried his hardest to grasp the character’s role and “bring it to life.”

“You know, it’s basically a completely different thing than the man and his life, which was a very lengthy, extremely varied, and quite incredible existence – a small part of which we try to bring to life in our show,” he explained to the journal.

Jonathan Pryce, who plays Tobias in Game of Thrones’ High Sparrow, will take his position in Season 5 of The Crown.

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