To weed out time wasters, estate agencies will start charging £30 for viewings.


To weed out time wasters, estate agencies will start charging £30 for viewings.

To screen out time wasters and nosy neighbors, estate brokers are charging potential buyers a £30 charge to visit a property.

ViewRabbit, a new website that charges the price, sends prospective buyers and tenants a link where they can pay £30 to arrange a property viewing with a variety of estate agent companies. Michael Riley, the founder of ViewRabbit, was motivated to propose the fee after witnessing estate agents being left waiting at homes for no-show purchasers.

Buyers will be guaranteed a viewing after paying the price, according to the ViewRabbit website, rather than falling in love with a house online only to be told an offer has been accepted before they get a chance to see it.

These do provide free viewings, but they are not guaranteed, according to the website, which states that “currently, over half of all purchases and lets agreed in England have outstanding viewings cancelled.”

According to Ryan Woolfenden, marketing director, for every 12 viewings for a sale, seven potential purchasers do not show up.

He informed The New York Times that this was frequently due to the fact that those buyers had purchased another property but had neglected to cancel their remaining viewings.

“It’s unpleasant when you spend the morning getting your property ready for viewing, and then the viewer doesn’t show up,” ViewRabbit wrote on its website to sellers. Alternatively, it could be “nosey Nicola” from number 12.

“However, it occurs frequently.

“They’ve not only wasted your time, but they may have taken a precious slot away from a more determined buyer or tenant, lowering the competitiveness for your home.

“When your agent’s viewers pay for Priority View, they show up, and nosy neighbors look elsewhere.” ViewRabbit also confirms that successful buyers or tenants will have their booking fee “refunded by the agent when they complete their purchase or check-in to their rental,” which is great news for viewers.

Property is in high demand this year, with the market booming thanks to the Stamp Duty Holiday, which expired in June.

Since the beginning of 2021, asking prices have risen by £21,389, an astounding 6.7 percent increase.

According to the most recent data from Rightmove, the UK’s largest property website, the first six months of this year were the busiest they have ever seen.

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