To deter thefts, Tesco may make dramatic changes to the booze aisle: ‘Extreme but effective.’


To deter thefts, Tesco may make dramatic changes to the booze aisle: ‘Extreme but effective.’

In one of its stores, TESCO has made a significant change to the booze aisle. The idea, which might be implemented at all businesses across the country, is intended to deter theft.

Tesco frequently updates and adjusts its products to fulfill the needs of its customers. Since the outbreak, the supermarket has made improvements to its locations, including the adoption of new features to make it simpler for consumers to shop safely and quickly.

Tesco is putting up security barriers in its booze aisles as part of its latest initiative.

The adjustment is being implemented in order to combat thievery.

The supermarket has previously announced that when customers leave stores, it would check customer receipts to ensure that nothing has been taken.

However, it is going a step farther by erecting barricades near the alcohol department.

The barriers are being tested in a Tesco Extra shop in Birmingham’s Sutton Coldfield.

However, if they are effective, they may be introduced to more stores across the country.

The security doors can be set to open automatically as clients approach the alcohol aisle, or a member of staff can access them with a key card.

This means that when purchasing alcoholic beverages, all shoppers would be supervised.

Tesco has put up the obstacles because shoplifting has become an issue in recent months.

During the evening and night shifts, when the stores are quieter, thieves take advantage of the supermarket’s lack of staff.

“It’s rather a severe approach of reducing theft, but it’s incredibly effective,” a supermarket insider said.

“They’re a depressing sign of the times, but they’ll save Tesco a lot of money.”

Tesco has been contacted for comment on the move by this publication.

It comes at the same time when another Tesco Extra store in Rotherham began checking customer receipts as they exited the store.

Tesco posted a message near the Rotherham store’s entrance stating that its employees are “constantly looking for methods to make your shopping journey as simple, safe, and enjoyable as possible.”

Employees would “require all consumers to produce their receipt for goods purchased when exiting the store,” according to the statement.

“We understand this may seem strange, but we honestly believe this is the right thing to do for our frequent clients,” the notice read.

“Over the last six months, we’ve listened to a lot of consumer feedback, and the most common thing people say is “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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