To avoid undertones of “antagonistic nationalism,” the British Sea Power band dropped the word “British.”


To avoid undertones of “antagonistic nationalism,” the British Sea Power band dropped the word “British.”

To avoid overtones of “isolationist, confrontational nationalism,” BRITISH SEA POWER has changed their band’s name to Sea Power, removing the word “British.”

British Sea Power, an alternative rock band formed around the turn of the century, is eliminating the word “British” from their name. The UK-based band announced the news on their official website today, as part of a promotion for their first new music in four years. The band made the decision “after considerable reflection and soul-searching,” according to the statement.

“We’ve been British Sea Power for 20 years – an extraordinary 20 years, when we’ve been able to continually traverse the British Isles, to visit the world, and to meet many friendly people, not least in the band’s remarkable audience,” Sea Power stated in their statement.

“However, the name British Sea Power had begun to feel confining, as if we were carrying an ancient legacy with us. There were at least two main lines of thinking when we came up with the name British Sea Power.

“Sea power – the fundamental power of the oceans – was literally present. Alongside this, there was the historical concept of ‘British sea power,’ or Britannia dominating the seas, or the naval might that once permitted Britain to rule the world. Britain no longer ruled the oceans when we came up with the original band name.”

The band explained that the name was intended to be “a kind of sardonic humour” at the time because the image of a British maritime power in the historical sense of the term was now “an antiquated thing.”

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Farewell, British Sea Power. Good day, Sea Power!

“It was now just the moniker of a rock band…,” the band wrote. We’re renaming the company 20 years later.

“There has been a growth in a certain kind of nationalism in this world in recent years – an isolationist, aggressive nationalism that we don’t want to be associated with.

“It’s become clear that the name British Sea Power might be misunderstood, especially if one is unfamiliar with the band or their recordings.”

Sea Power stressed that they have always had an internationalist perspective, which they believe is reflected in their music. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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