‘Titanic’: Kate Winslet said James Cameron was “really afraid” of her: “He’s got a temper like you wouldn’t believe in him.”


During the filming of Titanic, Kate Winslet and James Cameron famously did not get along.

And while Winslet admits that the director has calmed down since the 1997 classic, she said that there were occasions when she was “really scared” of the director because of his incredible temper during the shooting of the love story about the ship of dreams.

James Cameron referred to Kate Winslet during the shooting of ‘Titanic’ as ‘Kate-weighs-a-lot’

Rolling Stone supported the rumors: during shooting, the director of the film referred to his leading lady as ‘Kate-weighs-a-lot.’

He not only called her names, but he also put the redheaded starlet in life-threatening circumstances (along with the rest of his cast/crew) just to get the perfect shot.

Wishing a happy birthday to the director @JimCameron! Pic.twitter.com/jvDAobQrhZ- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) August 16, 2019 Kate Winslet said that in “hated” Leonardo DiCaprio “Titanic” kissing her and “complained bitterly” about her kissing on film.

Winslet says that at the end of a long day of shooting, she was covered in bloody bruises that left her looking “battered.”

“I had so many bruises that the hair and makeup girls would come in and say, ‘Oh, can we just photograph your arms?’ And they took pictures of my deep, bloody bruises,”I had so many bruises that the hair and makeup girls would come in and say, ‘Oh, can we just photograph your arms?’ And they took pictures of my deep, bloody bruises.

The ship of dreams was dubbed the Titanic, and it was. She really was. #ValentinesDay pic.twitter.com/fZ3n8H01mC- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) February 14, 2018 Kate Winslet claims at the end of ‘Titanic’ Jack should have been alive.

But obviously, while they were doing the makeup of someone playing a battered wife, they fired the pictures for “photo research”

Winslet says that’s how hurt I was. She adds quickly, ” Winslet says. She quickly adds, ” It was unavoidable, and no matter how much protection we had put in, it did not matter.

It didn’t matter how smart and how well we were taken care of by our stunt coordinator. It was entirely inevitable.

Because of his temperament, Kate Winslet considered James Cameron “truly terrifying”

Tonight, #KateWinslet joins @colbertlateshow to discuss #Titanic’s 20th anniversary! Get tickets to @Dolby Cinema’s anniversary screening: https://t.co/B77VP6mg47 #Titanic20Years pic.twitter.com/fZQdB3uhe1- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) November 30, 2017 Cameron is not considered to be a soft-spoken producer. If he has a creative vision in mind, once he has it, he can stop at nothing.

So it is not shocking that when things did not go according to plan, he had a fierce temper.

And according to Winslet, at times his temper may be absolutely bad.

“He has a temper like you can’t imagine,” she told the LA Times once, adding, “There were times when I was really afraid of him.”

#WCW As Rose, the beautiful #KateWinslet. https://t.co/D8TLM5y1Mt pic.twitter.com/HA47j5sPLu- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) July 12, 2017But even so, the starlet knew that Cameron was under immense strain. “I liked him, and I understood him,” she told the publication. “There were times when he was very understanding. “I liked him, and I understood him.

I thought a few times that he was someone with whom I could take a walk in the country and enjoy it.

During the shooting of ‘Titanic,’ Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio worked 20 hours a day.

You’re jumping, I am jumping, remember? I can’t turn away without understanding that you’re going to be all right… That’s all I want. pic.twitter.com/2dea22lu- Titanic (@TitanicMovie) September 3, 2012 Sadly, it took incredible hours to pull off a cinematic success in such a limited period of time.

And she and DiCaprio sometimes had 20-hour workdays, according to Winslet.

“The first day kicked off at 5 a.m. She told the paper, ” she told the magazine. ”

There was a whole 20-hour day series.

And two-thirds of them, since the Titanic sank at night, were shooting at night. You had to make sure you got some sleep during the day, with a black eye mask on. On set, it was every man for himself. There were days when you had to have lunch at 2 a.m. Or at 4 a.m. for tea, which was very confusing.


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