Time’s up: in Doctor Who, which actor should replace Jodie Whittaker?


If the reports are real – and they’re just rumors – then the time of Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who could come to an end. The Daily Mirror has confirmed that Whittaker’s next series in the role will be her last, with “an insider” claiming, “Her departure is top secret, but the arrival of the 14th Doctor will have to be filmed at some point in the coming months.”

It’s very exciting. (How anything can be top secret at the same time as it’s in the papers remains a mystery.) If Whittaker quit, it would not be a complete shock, since her third would be the upcoming season. After three seasons, Peter Capaldi left Doctor Who.

So Matt Smith did.

So did David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Patrick Troughton and Peter Davidson.

However, there is something about Whittaker’s Doctor that still feels fresh, perhaps because she feels so half-formed, frustratingly.

Instead of wasting her episodes bumbling around without a plot, separated from her millions upon millions of companions, she has not been given a chance to live up to her potential. Whittaker comes across as witty, sharp-witted, dorky and goofy in interviews, but all she’s shown on the show is the potential to be confused and out of breath at the same time.

In real life, she’s a better doctor than the stuff she was given, which is a shame…. If that’s it for Whittaker, maybe with a series of episodes that finally do her justice, she’ll say goodbye. Either way, it’s time to begin to think about her substitute.

Fortunately, I’ve got a few thoughts. Michael SheenIt’s irritating that Sheen has yet to play the role of the Doctor. Possibly no actor who is best suited for the part is working today. In the same breath as looking for dramas, he could play broad comedies. In Good Omens and Underworld and Tron: Legacy, he has a penchant for science fiction and fantasy and has starred. He lives in Wales, about half an hour from the shooting location of the series. He’s working on Staged with the BBC right now, and his co-star (Tennant) is a former doctor. Imagine the Sheen in a Tardis jumping around. Think of how it functions well in your brain. How did that not happen before in the world? Sheen will be the best doctor ever and he needs to get the role immediately. Phoebe Waller-BridgeRemember that the appointment of Doctor Who and Whittaker had not yet been confirmed when Capaldi left? Remember how mad everyone was at the possibility of the Doctor being Waller-Bridge? The buzz was so great that on Twitter, Waller-Bridge had to refute the argument, just to quiet the buzz. Yeah, that’s because she will make an excellent doctor.

To be sure, she is more aloof and dismissive than Whittaker, but fast-footed and elegant.

She may suffer from the same problem as Sheen, which is that she’s better than the material available, but look at the Harry Styles video of her dancing. That’s exactly what a doctor wants you to do, isn’t it? The main issue with Whishaw being the Doctor is that he really doesn’t want the role. When Smith quit, he was the frontrunner.

Later, when Whittaker got the role, one of her first fan interactions was with a girl who was upset that Whishaw wasn’t cast in her place. Whenever the subject is brought up, Whishaw points out that he’s not interested.

That’s a shame, because he would have been amazing.

Maybe he will change his mind this time.Paapa EssieduEssiedu had one of the best 2020s after starring in I May Destroy You and Gangs of London. He’s in the rare position where he can do anything he wants. He could go to Hollywood and become an A-lister. He could go back to his dramatic roots and do something really electrifying. Or he could go to Cardiff and walk a lot of anonymous corridors in a fuzzy coat. He almost certainly won’t do the latter.

But it would be great if he did.Camille CottinI’m only adding Cottin to the list because I spent Christmas watching Call My Agent almost exclusively, but wouldn’t she be great? She’s not British, of course, but who says the Doctor can’t be intimidatingly French? Maybe that’s what could breathe new life into Doctor Who: a haughty, dismissive Doctor who has turned the sonic screwdriver into a vape pen.

Argue with me about it if you want, but you’d be wrong.


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