Tim Campbell, a newcomer to The Apprentice, discusses whether he gave new candidates any hints.


Tim Campbell, a newcomer to The Apprentice, talks about whether he gave new candidates any hints.

Tim Campbell, the winner of THE APPRENTICE, has been named as the new boardroom aide for the next series of the hit BBC show.

Tim Campbell, the first ever winner of The Apprentice, was offered a £100,000 per year job and was named the first ever winner of the show in 2005.

After Lord Alan Sugar’s business associate Claude Littner pulled out of the new series due to a cycling accident, the successful businessman has now been announced as the new boardroom aide.

Regarding Claude’s unfortunate circumstances, Tim stated that he and his co-stars are relieved that he is recovering.

He also expressed his gratitude for having “completed the circle” since his first appearance on the show.

“It’s a great honor to be a part of the franchise, which has undergone a transformation in terms of showing that business is for everyone, and now it’s Lord Sugar’s ambition,” Tim said.

“We were heartbroken when we learned of Claude’s death.

“He was such an important part of the franchise, and we’re thrilled that he’s doing well and on the mend.”

“However, having been on the other side of the table, it’s a great honour to have come full circle.”

“I completely understand what they’re going through, and it’s an honor to be assisting these candidates alongside Baroness Brady to see how they all progress.”

After being in the contestant’s position, the TV star spoke out about what he found “easy” now as a boardroom member.

“It was very easy not to give them hints and tips,” he explained.

When my turn came around, I didn’t receive any.

“In fact, the series revolves around Lord Sugar’s search for a new business partner.

“Now that they’ve invested millions in business, it’s [the contestants’]chance to really show off their business skills and attributes, which will be elicited by all of the tasks.”

Tim was not exempt from Lord Sugar’s “firing line” despite his resounding victory in the first season of The Apprentice.

Lord Sugar stated in season one episode 10 that he was “struggling” to decide whether or not Tim should be fired.

“Tim, this is really the first time you’ve been in the firing line,” he said.

I’m not impressed, to be honest.

“You haven’t persuaded me why I shouldn’t fire you today.”

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