Tim and Sally on Coronation Street are’set to split,’ according to fans concerned about affair rumors.


Tim and Sally on Coronation Street are’set to split,’ according to fans, who are concerned about rumours of an affair.

Tim and Sally Metcalfe have been a power couple on Coronation Street since Sally split from her long-term husband Kevin Webster, but will they survive the affair rumors?

Fans of Coronation Street are growing increasingly concerned about Sally and Tim Metcalfe’s marriage, with some speculating that they are’set to split’.

Tim was diagnosed with a heart blockage last week, necessitating triple bypass surgery, and he’s been doing everything he can to hide his fear from Sally since then.

He hasn’t even told her about the diagnosis, preferring to attend hospital appointments with nurse Aggie, raising suspicions that the two are having an affair.

Things worsened when she discovered Tim had purchased flowers for someone else but hadn’t yet given them to her.

Fearful fans have taken to social media to air their own concerns, with ITV soap writers reportedly debating whether or not to split the couple up.

“No, they’re an absolutely lovely couple [please]don’t break them up, they deserve to be together, leave them alone, can you do that, I don’t want to see their hearts broken!” one pleaded.

“I’d love to see Tim have his big op and recover completely,” someone else said.

I’m hoping he’ll stick with Sally.

They make a good team, in my opinion.”

“No, stop splitting couples up, stop repeating storylines, and do something different Tim and Sally to stay together!” said another fan.

“I like them together – leave them alone!” a fourth fan exclaimed, while a fifth added, “No Sally and Tim are a fantastic couple.”

“Try to keep them together.”

It comes as Sharon Marshall, a soap expert, revealed that writers are unable to decide where Sally and Tim’s relationship will go in the future.

“Before Christmas, there was this big Corrie press conference, and the writers admitted this was the subject of a huge debate in the writers’ room,” the reporter said on ITV’s This Morning.

There were disagreements – some of the team wanted to, but others did not.

“What we’ll see is her becoming increasingly paranoid, installing a tracker on his phone, and suspecting Tim of having an affair.”

“He’s spending a lot of time with Aggie, who is a nurse, and he’s spending time with her.”

However, I am hopeful.

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