TikTokers Are Romantically “Listing” Theirselfs Like Used Cars.


It’s not uncommon to come across a large number of social media posts and personalities that makes one feel like the entire concept of an online network is a gigantic cesspool of cringe where individuals are constantly tossing any modicum of dignity or self-respect in the garbage just so others can think that they’re great/funny/smart/attractive/etc.

While this isn’t always the case, once the car trend on TikTok’s been explained to you, you might have a difficult time arguing otherwise.

Two of the world’s most frightening and dream-killing activities, dating and used car shopping, come together in a viral TikTok trend that sees people list themselves as they would a used car.

If you ever wanted a more fitting romantic metaphor that proves love is dead in 2021, look no further.

The “car trend” has some specific nomenclature with strong correlations to dating questions that occasionally pop up while you’re making the rounds of meeting various folks in that ever-persistent quest to find true love… or at least someone who tolerates you enough until you’re old and grey and realize you never really truly loved them but that you just convinced yourself you were “OK” with the idea of living with them.

If you’ve watched enough of these trends, then you’ll notice these are the terms thrown into each post. Here they are:

#ColorCustomizer ya I wouldn’t want me either 🕺

If you’re planning on partaking in the trend, then you’ll probably want to jump on the bandwagon fully and use the song “Let’s Groove by absolutenacc” as your sound for it.

needs a new owner👀 lmaooo this trend is cute #fyp #NeverStopExploring #foru #JifRapChallenge

women be like “dont objectify us” and go ahead and do the used car sale trend on tiktok😭😭

By equating oneself with a used car, many are arguing that it’s an affront to an individual’s intrinsic value and is an act of commodification. Some also said they found the trend ironic, highlighting that the same TikTok accounts from women who are rallying against individuals objectifying them are the same folks who go and participate in the trend.

girls argue they aren’t objects but then compare themselves to cars in a tiktok trend

I absolutely DESPISE this tiktok trend where people describe themselves/ their dating history as if they’re a car for sale

Many people stated that they generally “despised” the trend where… Brinkwire short summary.


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