TikTok reveals the “gross” story of a teacher hugging a student from behind.


Nothing on the internet is ever truly deleted. Somewhere, someone in the world has made a backup of whatever’s been posted and there’s always a chance that it will come back to haunt the original poster. While there are plenty of arguments to be made about how this phenomenon is unjustly used to malign folks who may have said things as a knee-jerk reaction when they were still teenagers, there are also cases of people who’ve done some shady things that probably should be called out, like this TikTok video of a teacher hugging a student from behind.

In the video, teenagers can be seen recording a video where they’re flipping off the camera and dancing. You know, standard TikTok stuff, then, an older teacher comes up behind a female student and then hugs her. She seems shocked by the move, not knowing how to react.

What’s more is that in the video after the hug, the teacher realizes that he was being recorded and his demeanor entirely changes as he approaches the camera and seems to question whether or not he was captured on film hugging the female student from behind.


The video has been making the rounds on Twitter, but received a surge in infamy thanks to TikToker @jimmyofficialbackup who uploaded the clip alongside his own personal commentary. Tons of folks remarked on the inappropriate nature of the hug and expressed how badly they felt for the young woman who seemed to freeze after the older man grabbed her.

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While the exact date of the video clip isn’t known, it’s believed to have been taken anywhere from two to three years ago, judging by the comments left from people who re-watched it.

She looks so uncomfortable smh. Then someone said “teachers can’t hug students these days” 😒. Dude no teacher (male or female) should be hugging AND HOLDING a student from the back wtf.

Lmao exactly, a side hug or one of them church hugs is good enough😭 I mean unless you have a close relationship (parent/child) then maybe y’all will hug tighter but NEVER from the back tf😭

Some users are asking that the girl in the clip step forward and comment on what happened, others just wanted to make sure… Brinkwire short summary.


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