TikTok is being used by students to steal from their schools and post the stolen items.


Trends on TikTok come in every shape and size, and some seem much more random or chaotic than others. One recent trend that has become popular on the platform is definitely reckless, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of young people from taking part in it. Now, as the challenge becomes more popular, many want to know what the school bathroom challenge is on TikTok.

The school bathroom challenge is a trend on TikTok that sees students stealing seemingly random items from their schools. The trend started with bathroom items like soap and toilet paper dispensers, but it’s since spread to objects like tiles, sinks, or even printers or computers.

Plenty of young people obviously find the bathroom challenge highly amusing, but a backlash has also been fomented against the trend.

“To any of my followers that work at public buildings, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR BATHROOMS! There is a TikTok prank/challenge going on where people will steal and/or sabotage things public bathrooms. Spread the word to the RESPONSIBLE,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Thanks, @tiktok_us! My middle school students now think it’s funny to remove the soap dispensers in the bathrooms for the latest ‘challenge,'” another added.

In addition to the informal backlash against the trend that has been building on social media, schools have also been taking concrete steps to warn students against participating in the challenge. In a video shared by TikTok user @drexerss, a teacher can be heard issuing a warning to her students.

“For those that are participating, please know that when we do catch you we will discipline you to the fullest extent and you will be arrested and you will be responsible for any of the monetary damages that have been done. Again, this needs to stop,” the teacher says.

“Because of the antics of a few, unfortunately, we have had to close the purple bathroom for the boys. That means the blue bathroom and the green bathroom are open for the rest of the day.”

“However, because of the antics of a few, we don’t have soap in any of the boys restrooms in blue, green or purple nor do we have any more soap dispensers so you will not be able to thoroughly wash your hands,” the teacher continued. “Please make sure that everyone listens to this very clearly. When we catch… Brinkwire short summary.


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