Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker reunite before leaving Square? in EastEnders.


Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker reunite before leaving Square? in EastEnders.

Tiffany Butcher and Keegan Baker, who have been popular residents on EASTENDERS, may be leaving shortly. Although the estranged couple may be reuniting, they are unlikely to remain in Walford.

When Tiffany (Maisie Smith) discovered her husband Keegan (Zack Morris) had cheated on her with Dotty Cotton, she was devastated (Milly Zero). The EastEnders pair broke up, and Tiffany’s brother Liam Butcher (Alfie Duggan), who has returned to the Square, recently gave Keegan a stern talking to. However, official BBC soap spoilers reveal that the two may be leaving shortly; will they leave together and try their marriage again? After Keegan locks their joint bank account, Tiffany laments to Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) and her sister Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) in upcoming episodes.

The proprietor of the business begs his ex-lover not to take half of his stall.

Later, he discusses his plans to depart with his mother Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) and sister Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris).

He admits that he has made plans to depart Walford.

When Keegan arrives, he says that he has spoken with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), who has agreed to stay with him for the time being.

Keegan tells his family that he feels compelled to leave Walford.

Later, he comes to regret his decision, as Bernie questions whether he should be leaving if he’s so concerned about Tiffany.

They had been cordial to each other for a while and appeared to be on the verge of becoming friends, but they just had another fight.

Keegan may feel compelled to distance himself from Tiffany as a result of his failed marriage.

Bernie’s suggestion, on the other hand, gives him pause for thinking, and it may lead him to realize that he cares far too much about Tiffany to abandon them as a pair.

Tiffany is also rumored to be editing the Square herself, with actor Maisie Smith possibly departing.

The soap star has portrayed the part for 14 years, but it was announced earlier in 2021 that she would be leaving after her run on Strictly Come Dancing to pursue her Hollywood dreams.

Could she be axed from EastEnders in the near future?

If that’s the case, Tiffany and Keegan may be on their way to a new beginning together.

Following our interaction with Bernie, it’s possible that “Brinkwire Summary News” is correct.


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