‘Tick, Tick…Boom’ Review: A fantastic musical that provides a joyful and deeply satisfying experience.


‘Tick, Tick…Boom’ Review: A fantastic musical that provides a joyful and deeply satisfying experience.

Andrew Garfield plays Jonathan Larson, a 30-year-old man trying to make something of his life.

It’s never easy to make a film about someone’s life.

Before even attempting to create a project based on a person who is not only famous but also changed the way people think about Broadway, there are a number of factors that the creator must consider.

We’re talking about Lin Manuel-Miranda’s ‘Tick, Tick…Boom,’ which stars Andrew Garfield as Jonathan Larson, the legendary theatre composer and playwright.

Miranda has stated on numerous occasions that telling Larson’s story to the world has been a passion project for him for many years.

But did he get across what he wanted to say, and will the film have an impact on people’s minds? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding YES!!!

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Miranda and Garfield, as a dynamic duo, have created cinematic magic.

From the very first song, the film takes you on a unique journey filled with emotions, heartbreaks, and determination.

As a result, the film begins by giving us an idea of Jonathan’s personality.

He was employed as a waiter in a diner, but he never lost sight of his passion.

Jonathan is currently working on a project in which he is both a playwright and a composer for a theatrical production.

Larson (Andrew Garfield) appears on stage a few moments later, performing in a play and singing a song.

This is where the magic begins.

The entire premise of the first song, as well as the way it is performed, is brilliant, and Garfield’s singing ability will undoubtedly astound everyone.

Larson begins a monologue in which he tells the story of his life in the play ‘Tick, Tick…Boom.’

Larson’s 30th birthday is depicted in the play, and he is unable to accomplish his goals.

He draws parallels between his life and that of his hero, Steve Sondheim.

He is, on the other hand, working on a project titled ‘Superbia.’

He is, however, having difficulty writing a song that has the potential to change everything.

Larson was able to create something special for the world to see despite going through a lot in his life.

Miranda’s adaptation is a touching tribute to a legend who never had the opportunity to see his work appreciated.

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