Three simple DIY tricks for removing skirting boards without making a mess at home.


Three simple DIY tricks for removing skirting boards without making a mess at home.

SKIRTING boards are a simple way to provide a distinctive border to your home while also acting as a functional wear and tear barrier. But how do you get rid of them? These are some simple DIY techniques for removing skirting boards from your home.

Most skirting boards are composed of MDF, a composite material that combines hardwood and softwood fibers to create long-lasting boards for the home. Using these simple DIY tips, removing your skirting boards is easier than you may think, whether you’re trying to alter your home’s interior or they just need to be replaced.

If done incorrectly, removing skirting may be a messy process, but these foolproof tips are a wonderful way to get the job done without damaging your walls.

To avoid harm, always use protective gloves and check for wire around the top of skirting boards before removing them.

A Stanley knife, chisel, and hammer are all you’ll need to safely remove your skirting boards with this three-tool procedure.

This method works well for wooden skirting and is a foolproof technique to remove boards without damaging plastering or flooring.

Add wooden blocks or dense sponges to act as a wedge between the boarding and the wall when prying it away with the three-tool method.

This is a helpful tip if you’re having trouble keeping the board away from the wall once you’ve started removing it.

There may be a few nails attached to the wood after removing the boards, which should be removed using pliers.

Using your pliers, firmly grab the nail you want to remove and gently draw it out.

To avoid damaging the plaster, MDF Skirting specialists Skirting World recommends hammering the nail flush into the wall if it isn’t easily removed.

When using a hammer and chisel alone to lift bards, a crowbar can be useful: wedge it between the wall and the boards and pull it off like the chisel.

Take your time and resist the urge to rip the boards away, as this will cause damage to the wall.

If you need ideas for replacing your freshly removed skirting boards, try a maximalist design with vivid colors and contrasting shades to turn the functional boarding into a stylish highlight in your home.

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