Three people have died in a tragic fire explosion, which has left Hollyoaks fans heartbroken.


Fans of Hollyoaks are heartbroken after learning that three people died in a tragic fire explosion.

The victims of the epic Hollyoaks explosion have been identified as Sylver McQueen, Celeste Faroe, and Marnie Nightingale, leaving fans of the Channel 4 soap in tears.

Marnie Nightingale, who played Marnie on Hollyoaks, died tragically after suffering a head injury in the horror fire explosion at her beloved Salon De Thé patisserie.

During Tuesday’s hour-long episode, Sylver McQueen and Celeste Faroe died inside the burning building.

At the start of Wednesday’s first-look on E4, Juliet Nightingale’s life was on the line and she was in critical condition.

Marnie, the young girl’s grandmother, was adamant about her granddaughter surviving and completing her surgery.

Juliet eventually awoke, and she and her brother James Nightingale (Greg Finnegan) shared a touching scene.

Outside the hospital, however, things took a dramatic turn when Marnie passed away while chatting with Juliet’s mother, Donna-Marie Quinn (Lucy-Jo Hudson).

“I am surrounded by so much love and never going to let that go,” Marnie told Donna-Marie moments before her death.

“That’s why I never say goodbye.”

She went on to make amends with Donna-Marie, with whom she had previously clashed.

Marnie fell asleep peacefully on Donna-Marie’s shoulder as she told her how happy she was to be back in the village.

Donna-Marie screamed for help, but it was too late; Marnie died in heartbreaking scenes while her son James looked on.

As they discussed the emotional episode, viewers rushed to their computers.

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Cheers Hollyoaks in tears now.”

“I’m CRYING not even 10 minutes into the episode,” another added.

“I’m crying,” a third person wrote, adding three crying face emojis to the message.

“I’m crying a river right now,” said a fourth social media user.

The Deverauxs and McQueens had received confirmation that both Sylver and Celeste had died earlier in the episode.

Fans will have to wait and see how the village copes with the tragedies after the heartbroken families were left devastated.

Sylver recorded a video for Mercedes on his phone, explaining that Bobby was on his way out, in a snippet shown during the most recent episode.

However, viewers are already aware that Bobby lied to Mercedes and claimed that he did not see Sylver inside the building.

In upcoming scenes on Hollyoaks, James vows vengeance after his mother’s death, according to spoilers.

DS Cohen must respond to the lawyer’s questions.

When he shares some harsh words with Donna-Marie, his rage quickly turns on his own family.

A video later reveals a potential perpetrator, but

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