Three homes, a bar, and a castle make up this little Cumbria island.


Three homes, a bar, and a castle make up this little Cumbria island.

A SMALL ISLAND off the coast of Cumbria, measuring less than 50 acres, is welcoming visitors looking for a unique break.

Piel Island is located half a mile from the summit of the Furness Peninsula, which is accessible by ferry boat on weekends throughout the summer. Visitors to the little island can visit the 14th-century Piel Castle, which is formed of rocks from the coast and is open to the public for free thanks to English Heritage.

Only three families live in cottages full-time in this remote location, but visitors can experience the great outdoors by camping.

This affordable holiday deal will provide campers with unobstructed views of the local seal colony for just £5 per tent each night.

Locals claim the bar is the lifeblood of drawing visitors to Piel Island, which was given to the people of nearby Barrow as a tribute to those who died in the First World War.

Visitors to Piel Island Pub Co can enjoy a unique camping experience for as little as £5 per tent per night.

To quench your thirst, visit the Ship Inn, a historic pub that has been serving patrons for nearly 300 years.

Keep an eye out for the present landlord, who is known as the “King of Piel Island,” a title inherited from Lambert Simnel, who attempted to usurp the English throne.

Ship Inn, which reopened earlier this month under new management for the first time since 2019, features a variety of local ales, spirits, and pub fare.

Until the Piel Island Pub Co stepped in to take over the historic venue, the notorious waterhole was virtually permanently closed.

“This project is obviously different from my previous pubs, but it has been extremely exciting and a challenge we have all enjoyed,” said Kirsty Ridge, a director of Piel Island Pub Co and the managing director of Cumbrian pub chain Lakeland Inns.

“There have been roadblocks to overcome and a lot of hard work behind the scenes, but it’s all been worth it when you see the response from locals and visitors who appreciate what we’ve accomplished.

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“The public’s support has been incredible, and we’ve been really busy as a result of it, and we’re glad for it.

Brinkwire Summary News: “The pub is a.”


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