Three holiday locations are slated to go green this week, according to the travel red list.


Three holiday locations are slated to go green this week, according to the travel red list.

When we hear the next report from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps later this week, the UK’s red list for travel is expected to reduce to only nine countries. But what are the three new tourist spots that the British could be able to visit? Mr Shapps introduced a streamlined system of the’red list’ countries and the rest of the globe, and the UK bid ‘Bon Voyage’ to the traffic light system for travel restrictions today. The UK’s red list presently includes 54 nations, but it is expected to be reduced to only nine countries in the upcoming travel update. What new vacation spots might be on the horizon? When will the next UK travel update be released? The United Kingdom has implemented new travel restrictions, replacing the former ‘traffic light’ system with only two categories: red list and Rest of World (ROW).

“We are moving toward a future where transport continues to reopen safely and is open for good,” said Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, “and today’s regulatory amendments are fantastic news for families, businesses, and the travel sector.”

“Our top goal is to preserve public health, but now that more than eight out of ten individuals have been completely vaccinated, we can take these actions to minimize the cost of testing and support the sector’s recovery.”

Fully-vaccinated travelers from more than 50 countries coming in the UK from countries on the ‘ROW’ list will no longer be required to do pre-departure tests, day eight tests, or isolate upon their return to the UK, thanks to the new guidelines.

For vaccinated travelers traveling to select countries, this has made travel a little easier while also removing some of the costs of testing. But what about the red list’s remaining members? As of September 22, 54 countries remained on the red list, according to the most recent update.

Travelers returning to the UK from a red list nation will be required to quarantine for 10 days in a controlled quarantine hotel.

The cost of an 11-night stay in a managed quarantine hotel is £2,285 for a single adult.

You could be fined £4,000 if you arrive in England from a red-list country without having scheduled a quarantine stay.

Mr Shapps characterized red list countries as “those that should not be. “Brinkwire Summary News” in his most recent update to the travel lists.


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