Three foolproof DIY techniques for removing wall plugs


Three foolproof DIY techniques for removing wall plugs

DECORATION might be as simple as a lick of paint, but when you come into issues like rawl plugs in your walls, things can get a little more tricky.

When you’ve moved into a new house or are merely redesigning your existing home, wall plugs can be a pain to deal with when they’re not in use. With these three simple DIY solutions, removing these small plugs in the wall won’t take much time or money.

A wall plug (also known as a rawl plug or wall anchor) is used to attach objects that are hanging on walls, such as cabinets and mirrors.

Screws would not grip into masonry if they didn’t have them, and they wouldn’t be able to offer a permanent repair.

Removing wall plugs to achieve your interior dreams is simple and takes no time at all with just a few home tools.

Even if the rawl plug you’re dealing with is installed wrongly, there’s a simple way to get rid of that unsightly wall fixture.

When dealing with a properly installed wall plug, the plug’s rim should appear to have recessed into the hole in the wall.

These red plugs expand to suit the hole in which they sit and form a secure fitting ready to hang artwork, photo frames, or mirrors on.

To develop a grip, take a small screw and turn it onto the wall plug a few times.

Clip onto the screw with your snout nose or flat pliers, wriggling the screw softly while pulling it up and down with the pliers to ease the wall plug and screw out of the hole.

This should simply slip out, leaving a small hole in the wall that can be filled or replastered later.

Using mesh tape to form a sleek layer over the top of a wider hole created from removing a wall anchor is the best approach to assure a seamless finish.

Use your dry-wall knife to cut the mesh tape to size over the hole.

Spread and smooth out the mesh tape layer with joint compound.

Allow to cure before lightly sanding off the excess with sandpaper and painting over to conceal the plaster work.

It’s simple to tell if a wall plug is correctly installed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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