THREE easy steps to planting roses in pots


THREE easy steps to planting roses in pots

ROSES ARE A TRADITIONALLY Exquisite ADDITION TO ANY GARDEN, but for people with limited space, beautiful roses can be grown in pots. Three simple guidelines for planting and caring for potted roses are provided below.

Beautiful roses are easy to grow and brighten any garden. Planting roses in containers differs significantly from planting roses in the ground. So here are a few pointers for planting roses in pots.

Before you start planting roses in containers, make sure the kind you want to grow is suitable for them.

Although not all roses can be grown in pots or containers, there are a few kinds that can.

Choose non-climbing ground cover, miniature, or patio roses for potted and container-grown roses.

A tall pot can help roses spread their roots, so be sure the pot you have is the right size for the rose you wish to plant in it.

A one-inch layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot can aid with drainage.

To keep the plant from becoming soggy, rose pots should have ample drainage holes at the bottom.

“The finest roses for growing in containers are the patio and miniature kinds, which may be planted in reasonably tiny yet deep pots 23 to 35cm (9 to 14in) deep,” according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

“Alternatively, you might grow less vigorous, more compact ground cover and climbing roses in larger containers with a minimum depth of 30 to 45cm (12 to 18in).”

Many gardening websites advise using a loam-based John Innes No 3 soil in conjunction with a 10 to 20% multi-purpose compost.

Very well-rotted manure can be used instead of multi-purpose compost to bring richness to the soil, which roses adore.

According to The Spruce, fill the pot with soil mix until it is “about two-thirds full.”

“Mound the earth up in the center, then set the rose over the mound and spread the roots out over it” for bare-root roses.

For potted roses, however, a “slight depression” in the soil is all that is required before the rose can be placed in the pot.

“Fill in around the rose with the remaining potting soil, pressing it down firmly around the bottom canes,” the Spruce said.

Brinkwire Summary News: “The soil surface should be level with the bud.”


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