‘Those slacks were exposing!’ Olly Murs apologizes after a wardrobe malfunction on stage.


‘Those slacks were exposing!’ Olly Murs apologizes after a wardrobe malfunction on stage.

OLLY MURS has apologized to his fans after realizing his trousers during his last on-stage performance at Darlington Arena were “a touch exposing.”

Olly Murs, 37, of The Voice UK, has apologized to a large throng of his admirers after he was concerned that his on-stage attire might have revealed too much information. After numerous shows were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, Olly resumed live performances last night.

The artist chose a statement silver suit for his performance, but after taking the stage, he grew anxious about his trousers.

Olly came to Instagram yesterday night, just after his show concluded, to apologize to the audience in front of his 3.6 million followers.

He posted a video of himself sitting at the stage’s edge, singing his hit song Dear Darlin’.

“Darlington.. you absolute legends,” the star wrote with the video.

“I apologize if my old slacks were a little too exposing tonight!

With a laughing emoji, he said, “So I opted to sit for this one.”

Following up on his apologies, Olly explained what the song meant to him.

“It’s always special singing this one,” he added.

Olly Murs (@ollymurs) shared a post.

After then, Olly uploaded a photo of the audience watching him perform.

“Entertaining you lot is a job I never get weary of doing…,” he captioned the black-and-white photo.

“Let me tell you, I’ve got insane fans!”

It comes after a preview clip for The Cube Celebrity special teased Olly about his “supertight” costume.

Olly agreed to join Joe Dommett on the ITV game show in the hopes of winning a quarter of a million pounds for UNICEF.

Olly was dressed in cream pants and white trainers with a green T-shirt in the video.

On the ITV game show, Olly was seen taking on a difficult challenge before the time ran out.

“You couldn’t have been much closer!” exclaimed The Cube host Phillip Schofield in the video clip.

“I could just see it coming around in the corner of my eye and I was like ‘urgggggh!” Olly responded.

“To be fair, your attire is as tight as a superhero’s!” Joel laughed.

“I didn’t want to scream because I felt like I was.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he added.


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