Thor’s Thunder and Love After the latest Marvel film, Taika Waititi said, “I might never work again.”


Thor’s Thunder and Love After the latest Marvel film, Taika Waititi said, “I might never work again.”

According to filmmaker Taika Waititi, THOR LOVE AND THUNDER will be an entirely different experience. He went on to say that it will not only be “crazier,” but it will also put an end to his career.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will resume the saga of Asgard’s God of Thunder, Thor, next year (played by Chris Hemsworth).

After last being seen in Avengers Endgame, where he left Earth to form the Asgardians of the Galaxy alongside the current Guardians of the Galaxy, the muscle-bound hero returns in Thor Love and Thunder. Since then, set photographs and hints from Waititi for Thor Love and Thunder have been leaked, and the filmmaker has now spoken out about the process of making the next big MCU hit.

“Well, just between (myself and) you and the readers, I’ve done some insane s**t in my life,” Waititi recently said. I’ve lived a tenth of a lifetime. But it’s the most bizarre film I’ve ever worked on.” (By way of Empire)

While the plot of the film has been kept a secret for the past two years, he hinted that it is more complex than fans realize.

“If you put down all the aspects of this picture, it shouldn’t make sense,” the New Zealander added. It’s almost as if it shouldn’t have been made.

“Imagine walking into a room and declaring, ‘I want this, this, and this.’ What’s in it, and who’s in it? These are the people. What are your plans for the name? “There Is Love And Thunder.”

After the film, Waititi joked about his career prospects, stating, “I mean, you’d never work again.” “Perhaps I won’t after this.”

Comparing the image to his previous Thor film, Thor Ragnarok from 2017, he said, “It’s very different from Ragnarok.”

“It’s getting crazier. What’s different, I’ll tell you. This film will be lot more emotional.

“As well as a lot more love. And there’ll be a lot more thunder. If you’ve seen the photos, there’s a lot more Thor.”

The word “love” in the title most likely refers to Natalie Portman’s comeback as Jane Foster.

The film will be based on the Lady Thor tale from the Marvel comic books, which had Jane grasping Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and becoming the first female superhero.

Fans have hypothesized that this scenario suggests Hemsworth will be leaving the series since a new Thor will be taking his place.

Hemsworth, on the other hand, has dismissed the rumors. “Are you crazy?” he was quoted as saying in Brinkwire Summary News.


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